Apple Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company (Again)

It seems that Alphabet, the Google’s parent company, couldn’t keep their position as world’s most valuable company, because today, Apple took back the crown.

Previously, the market capitalization of Alphabet increased due to their stock price which increased up to 8%. But, today their stock price slow down to 4.98% while Apple’s increased 1.98%. At today’s close point, the market capitalization of Apple reached 534.22 billion, followed by Alphabet in the second place with $499.94 of market capitalization.

Apple Becomes World's Most Valuable Company (Again)

Actually, Apple has become the world’s most valuable company 2011, beats Exonn Mobile. Today, they took back that crown. It seems that the competition between these two giant companies will never end. The investors reaction makes them keep on competing. Apple will hold an event next month, and we’ll see how the investors will react to the company’s new devices that will be announced during the event.


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