Advantages And Disadvantages Of Amazon Prime

The obvious reason why Amazon made headway in the online marketing is its swift delivery of services as well as providing the customer satisfaction. Today, there is hardly anybody who doesn’t know the company. The company delivers A to Z products door to door giving people a state of comfort.

Besides making so much money, the company has recently put forward a trendy game plan called ‘Amazon Prime’ to again make a killing in the online retail market.

Amazon Prime is a wonderful proposal introduced by the company to encourage people to rely on online shopping. The scheme will be going to cost you $99 per year or $10.99 per month if you sign up for this.


The intriguing fact about this plan is that it is not all about shopping, but you will get much more than that such as stream video, music, etc. There are numerous arguments supporting this scheme, however, we have listed a few facts which may make you think twice before going for this plan.

It is a debatable question, whether this scheme of Amazon Prime is really worth considering or not as you are going to pay certainly a big amount of money for this. Before purchasing the package, we recommend you read this.

We have divided this article into two parts, the first one – the advantages of Amazon Prime, and the second one – Disadvantages of Amazon Prime, in other words, pros and cons article related to this offer. Without wasting another second let’s start.

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Advantages Of Amazon Prime Offer

Free two-day delivery of stuff:

If you are a frequent customer of you must have faced a common headache of paying the delivery charges, if your bag is not worth $25. You have to pay an amount for your delivery irrespective of what you purchase.  In addition to that, the sluggish delivery of 5-6 days is another upsetting fact. You never know when you will be getting your shipment.

With the all new Amazon Prime, you are free of all these restraints, you can buy any stuff of your choice and you don’t need to pay another penny for that. Moreover, you will be getting an accelerating two-day delivery of almost millions of items present in the store.

Free Same Day Delivery:

A proposal too hard to believe? But it is, in fact, true; Amazon is providing the breathtaking one-day delivery exclusively for you. Though the offer is valid for some of the zip codes throughout the city, you can check out yours whether you are on your luck.

We are sure; you will definitely find your location approved for this type of shipments. The feature makes you superior to any other ordinary consumer at the same time you will save a lot of time and money too.

Free one-year video streaming:

This is the most intriguing feature in the list of our Amazon Prime advantage. All the members who sign up for the offer will get an enjoyable time with Amazon. The Amazon is providing lots of new movies, latest TV series like ‘Mozart in the Jungle’, ‘Transparent’, etc. right on your mobile phone. You can also cast these videos on other devices like computer, Fire TV, etc.

The Amazon Prime app and the website too support this feature wonderfully so that you will never miss your favorite episodes. Watching all new movies free of charge without any hassle of download/purchase is indeed a thought provoking deal.

Stream your favorite music:

After purchasing the Amazon Prime offer, you don’t need to spend any money on any apps which let you the favorite music of your choice. This offer is accompanied by an app where you will get millions of latest songs from all around the world.

Moreover, the app is completely free of any annoyance of advertising. It is totally free app known as Prime music. Just download it from your Play Store or App Store and forget the world with the soothing music.

Prime Photos:

The feature befits its name. The Prime photo feature allows you to save your most memorable pictures which are so invaluable to you that you cannot risk losing any of them. You will never run out of space again with this exciting feature called Prime Photos.

Besides the unlimited photo space, the Amazon drive is gifting you the storage of 5 GB for other documents such as videos, files, etc.

Access to Lightning Deal:

This feature makes you a super customer of Amazon. You will be treated as an elite member of the circle by providing you the lightning deals. You can grab all the deals 30 minutes before anybody.

Lightning deals are quite exclusive offers. The sellers offer a remarkable cut down on prices of articles which are of daily use. Generally, the items include the smartphone, laptops, fashion, grocery, etc.

A Landing Library for Kindle Lovers:

This offer is definitely going to impress all the bibliophiles who love to read and use Kindle. We all know that Kindle features more than 8 million different types of e-books. You are free to borrow one book a month with no date of due. Moreover, you will get one pre-released book once in a month from Kindle First offer.

Prime Now:

This is indeed our favorite feature of all the attractions provided by the Amazon Prime. The reason why we love this offer so much is that you will be getting astonishing fast delivery of more than 10,000 items within 2 hours for free. This is another app by Amazon and is absolutely free for Prime members. Usually, these items are delivered to you from a shop nearby your home.

Actually, it is meant for someone who doesn’t have time for all those stuff like buying groceries, food, gifts, etc. Whether you book in the early morning or late night, you will get smooth delivery. Generally, you have free delivery if you are fine with 2-hour reach, however, if you want it to reach within 1 hour, you need to pay $7.99 for an item and it will be at your doorstep.

Prime benefits for a Family:

Amazon Family is another perk to attract many of you who are living in a joint family. It provides family based offers, coupons, the age-based recommendation of items like fashion, food, and the most important is the 20% discount for diaper subscription and additional 15% baby registry discount.

Share and Care:

On the face of it, Amazon Prime offer might look like it is meant for a single member, but many of us don’t know that you can actually share these benefits with one person in your family. It is called the Amazon Household where two people can make the most of all those Prime offers.


Disadvantages Of Amazon Prime Offer

This is also very important argument whether you really need to join Amazon Prime offer or not.  Are there any disadvantages of it? Here we have summed up a few facts which might support the idea that you really don’t need the Amazon Prime subscription:

  • It all depends upon your need and online habit. If you are a person who follows the rule of “Seeing is believing” and prefer offline purchasing rather than online, this offer will be proved futile for you. Or if you rarely purchase one or two items from an online store in a month then paying the shipping charge will be a lucrative move.
  • Amazon Prime is a deliberate way to get the monopoly of the entire item you purchase. After joining this offer you don’t want to spend any money on another online store just because of shipment charges, which will ultimately bound you to a single store with limited options.
  • Other reasons include the unnecessary spending of your money in online shopping. The more you watch items on the online store, the more you will be swayed to purchase something which will end up in nothing but extravagant expanses.

Though both sides of the coin are plausible, in our opinion the advantage outstrips the disadvantages of Amazon Prime, as we said above, Amazon Prime is not all about shopping, it is much more than that.  And at the end of the day, it is your choice and need which will be important.

Besides, you get a starting 30-day free trial package which will give you access to all the exciting benefits which may explain you all the features in a practical way so that you can be sure whether you will go for it or not.  An important fact needs to be considered is that you need to exit the plan if you don’t wish to continue it further, otherwise the company will deduct your money from the added credit card.

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