Advantages And Disadvantages Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4. is one of the leading Smartphones today. This is one of the most stable gadgets and Samsung had earned 4.5 million by selling this phone in the first month. But this does not mean that it is free of any flaws. Rather this series of the Galaxy Note does not have some useful features that are available in other Smartphones. All the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are discussed here.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 4



  • The company has tried to make the screen big enough so that we can enjoy movies or videos nicely. To make it possible, they have made the screen size of Galaxy Note 4 to 5.7 inches and it has a resolution of 2560×1440. Also, Quad HD super AMOLED screen is another great advantage that will let you add more colors to life. Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • It includes two types of processor SM-N910S and SM-N910C which is really great. The 3GB RAM with 32GB internal storage provides enough memory space where you can save all your important documents. Android Lollipop is the OS in this phone, so you will get the option to explore many more features.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 came with 16MP rear camera and 3.7 MP front camera. Though there are not enough changes in the MP but the actual change is noticed in the image quality. The image quality is excellent and this made them to be in the first line by leaving behind all their competitors. Optical image stabilization is another added feature that makes the image quality even better.
  • Battery capacity is the main issue of every smartphone and Samsung has tried to overcome this issue in Galaxy note 4 by making the battery capacity to 3220mAH. This will make the phone alive throughout the day even if you play games and watch videos. Another advantage is that it can be charged up to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • S Pen stylus included. Samsung has also improved the sensitivity of this S pen stylus in Galaxy Note 4 that anyone will find more comfortable and easy to use.
  • This note series provides more security by adding both the heart rate scanner and fingerprint scanner.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G HSPA+, 4G LTE, NFC and USB connectivity are supported by the latest note series Galaxy Note 4.

The advantages of Galaxy Note 4 are explained and we already discussed earlier that this Note series has some disadvantages too. The disadvantages are explained below.



  • The first missing point of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that it is not made resistant to water. But there are many phones available that are waterproof. So this is one disadvantage of this phone and you need to handle it carefully.
  • If you consider the look, then it is good but not that great. The back side of this phone is still made of plastic frame that made the look something odd. Samsung could have done something better by changing the plastic frame to metal one. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • The Touch wiz interface is of course, good but still it needs some improvements. The hardware is really improved a lot but if you look at the software, it seems that something is missing from this phone and the interface should have been more smooth and inclusive.
  • Though this phone has many great features, it is a highly expensive phone one. Also, it is delicate enough so you should take more care, if it drops accidentally from a certain height the screen might be broken easily.

However, with all these advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the perfect option for those who like the phones with big screens, and this is the reason why many are eagerly waiting to buy the phone or already bought it in order to enjoy the screen with great performance.

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