How To Add A Live Wallpaper To Google Chrome New Tab Page

If you’re interested in a way to make your Chrome experience stand out even more, try adding a live wallpaper

If you love Google Chrome as much as we do, you’ve probably found different ways to customize it. Extensions, apps, themes, and more can make using Chrome on your computer or mobile device a more personal experience with almost limitless variety.

If you’re interested in another way to make your Chrome experience stand out, try adding a live wallpaper to your new tab page.

It’s a simple trick with a significant impact! Keep reading to discover how to add a live wallpaper to Google Chrome's new tab page in several simple steps. 

What is a live wallpaper? 

A live wallpaper is different from a regular one because it's animated. It can be set to show a scene, like a landscape or a waterfall, that is in motion.

How To Add A Live Wallpaper To Google Chrome's New Tab Page

If you want to change the appearance of the Google Chrome new tab page, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Open Chrome Web Store 
  • In the search field, enter the query “Live Start Page.”
  • In the search results, you need to select the “Live Start Page – living wallpapers” extension
  • Click on “Add to Chrome”.

  • Click Add extension to confirm the action 

After the installation is complete, you'll see the extension icon in the upper right corner. By clicking on it with the right mouse button, you can:

  • Remove the add-on from the browser
  • Hide the icon so that it doesn’t show up
  • Go to the Options
  • Go to the page where you can manage the extensions
  • Click on “Options” from the icon menu

A few points: 

  • You can browse wallpapers through categories, such as Featured, Newest, and Popular 
  • By clicking on Search themes, you can enter the theme and find a suitable wallpaper 
  • Every wallpaper comes with a preview 
  • Once you find the wallpaper you like, click on Install 
  • Select HD or Full HD 
  • Next, click Active
  • Open a new tab, and you'll see a brand-new wallpaper
  • If you want to replace it with another one, repeat the steps
  • Or, open Options and then click Disable Background
  • Click Disable 

The extension now comes with many interesting features:

  • It can show the weather
  • You can group your favorite websites
  • Use a meditation tool to practice mindfulness 
  • Add the tasks you need to work on 

There are many other exciting things, including the option to protect everything with a passcode. In addition, you can get premium extension features. 

As you can see, the whole process is simple. You can make some pretty cool changes in just a few minutes! Give it a try! 

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