A simple way to keep a window always on top on Windows 10

One of the things that many users need is the ability of the app window to be always on top when assigned, and that’s something that is missing on Windows 10. You may work on a task that requires you to manually copy and paste something, or you want a note or a reminder to be on top of it all. Is there a way to keep a window always on top on Windows 10? Yes, there is, and a very simple one.

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How to make this work? The only thing you are going to need is a small software called Always on top. It is a program that does not require installation, it is very simple and easy to you, and to top it all it is lightweight. You can get it by clicking on this link.

Once you download the file, unzip it. Run the app. Now, when you want to make the program to be always on top,  open it and then press Ctrl + Space. If you change your mind or you no longer need that specific window to be on top, once again press Ctrl + Space or simply turn off the program from the taskbar.

Even though Windows 10 does not include a built-in feature that allows programs to always stay on top, this handy little software does so make sure to try it out. It works like a charm and it is all you need for the purpose!