9 Comically Embarrassing Results Of Computer Bugs

A computer, the most useful technology has brought a big change in our life, but a small error in programming or computer bugs can be proved as a disaster. The result may look very comical while it creates an embarrassing situation. Here are the top 9 comically embarrassing results of computer bugs.

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List of comically embarrassing results of computer bugs


The first National Bank of Chicago error:

This is most probably the biggest embarrassing result of computer bugs that took place in 1996. A windfall was caused in the bank due to the mechanism programming error. Yes, the sum is not small, but it was a blunder made of $764 billion. This is the largest banking blunder made in the US history. But the good thing is that no one ran away with that money.

Comically Embarrassing Results Of Computer Bugs

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Siri recommended best Smartphone-Nokia

Siri is the Apple partner, but a blunder happened in 2012 when Siri was asked to name the best Smartphone ever, and it took the name of Nokia Lumia 900 4G mobile phone. Siri passed the question to Wolfram alpha that is the computational believe engine operated by another company. According to the information available, Wolfram Alpha interpreted Nokia as the best Smartphone, but now the answer is different.

Comically Embarrassing Results Of Computer Bugs

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Windows phone 8 asks the users to insert a disc:

Windows phone 8 was launched in 2012, and many users have faced a comical error that asked them to insert a windows designation front and then to restart the computer while trying to start the phone. The reason behind such an embarrassing issue was the Windows NT Kernel based on which the windows phone 8 was formed. Basically, the Windows NT Kernel is the core of every windows desktop handling system and sometimes Windows phone 8 also thinks this core is the desktop handling system and behaves such a way.


Baby glitches in the Sims 3 video game:

Another result of computer bug was noticed in the Sims 3 video game. Baby is involved in the game that created the glitches. One of the glitches was with in-game babysitters who use to pick the baby out of the house and leave. Sometimes, when a baby is born, users were asked to name the baby not once, but twice, three times and more.

Comically Embarrassing Results Of Computer Bugs

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The back door in Xbox One password:

Xbox involves the criticism system where any criticism can carry the opposite capabilities. An adult can be set as the criticism where the account requires a cue to record inside. The blunder took place while a kid of 5 years got into his dad’s Xbox One criticism by providing a wrong cue in the initial prompt, followed by which he entered zero and space as a second password and started playing all his dad’s games. But later, Microsoft patched this issue and this little boy was referred as the youngest hacker.

Computer Bugs

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Power bill of $90 million:

An electric bill of Npower retailer in England once showed the bill in a large amount that was around $90 million. But it was a computer error where a boy came to check the meter and entered ‘0’ as reading, after which it showed an outrageous bill of $90 million.


The demo of windows 98 by Bill Gates failed:

Windows 1998 came out after the release of Windows 95. COMDEX was the popular mechanism trade show of that time where the tech reporter used to come to interview the latest software and hardware. So, Bill Gates and another Microsoft employee was about to provide a demo of Windows 1998 beta version in that show. It started successfully, but in between the Windows 98 was crashed and that was really embarrassing.

Computer Bugs

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Text messaging bug in android:

This is another bug most probably involved with developing issue because of which the SMS was being sent to the wrong people. But later a Google employee addressed this issue and said that they are deploying a repair as soon as possible.

Computer Bugs

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Prisoners got released early:

In California, the prison was getting overcrowded and as a result an initiative was taken to recover the prisoners who were involved in low risk violence. But unfortunately due to mechanical error, few high-risk prisoners got released early in place of the low-risk prisoner and that was really a big disaster.

Computer Bugs

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