5 Ways To Fix Syncing Problem On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Many users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveHTC One X and iPhone have experienced a persistent issue in their devices. The issue makes the device unable to sync properly. Not only did many users lose an immense amount of data due to this but they also found it seemingly impossible to restore this data in any way possible. Now that is no reason to panic or lose one’s mind over for there are plenty of fixes to help you get your device to sync once more. Listing five of the best fixes, you have:

5 Ways To Fix Syncing Problem On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
  1.  Ensure that Gmail Sync is switched on

It is important for you to check and double check if syncing is enable don the accounts you have associated with the Gmail app. To do so, open the app and move to Settings after tapping on Menu. From the list, check the accounts you have connected and choose the ones you wish to sync data from. After choosing them, make sure the Sync Gmail option is selected.

  1.  Clear up unnecessary programs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was pre-programmed to stop any automated syncing once the phone’s storage is full. Make sure that there is enough storage space on your device at all times. Perform regular cleanups in order to remove any form of residual components left by any removed apps or semi deleted apps.

5 Ways To Fix Syncing Problem On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active


  1.  Force Stop the app

In cases where Gmail refuses to sync, it is advisable to head over to the Settings of your device. From there head over to Apps and select the Gmail application. Press on Force Stop and shut the application. Next power of your device and restart it.

  1.  Clear Data and Cache

You could also try to clear the data and cache of the Gmail application. Similar to the previous step head over to Settings from Menu and from there to the app. Press the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons. Afterwards reboot your device and the issue should be solved.

  1.  Reinstall the app

Another option that is mostly opted for by most users is the removing of the application and then reinstalling it. This removes any tweaks or extra adjustments that any user might have made in the application. Reinstalling the app from the Playstore reverts it to its original state.


You could also check your internet connection as sometimes that is the sole reason for why syncing fails.

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