5 Ways To Fix IPod Error 1418

Updating or restoring your iPod won’t always go as smoothly as you want. Sometimes, you will find yourself in a situation where you need to make the error such as iPod error 1418, go away and when you do that, you will be able to continue with updating or restoring. If you own an iPhone as well, then you know for some similar issues and iPhone errors. Most of the time, users can fix this kind of problem with ease, but if that does not happen, make sure to give Apple a call, or go to one of their stores. But first, let’s try to solve this problem. Further down, there are 5 ways to fix iPod error 1418, so check them out, because maybe one of them will work, and you will finish the update or restore successfully.

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5 ways to fix iPod error 1418

5 ways to fix iPod error 1418
5 ways to fix iPod error 1418

 Solution No.1: Disconnect and reconnect iPod  .

When it comes to iPod error 1418 you can start solving the issue with some simple solutions like this one is. Disconnect your iPod from iTunes, and then reconnect it again. When you do that, try to restore or update again. This helped many users, and hopefully, it will do the trick for you, so you won’t have to try anything else.

  Solution No.2: Change the USB port   .

Whenever you see an iPod error message, change the USB port. Connecting your iPod to a different USB port often solves the issue.

 Solution No.3: Unplug other USB devices  .

This can do the trick and help you solve the problem, so you can update or restore your iPod.. What you need to do here is to unplug other USB devices, just leave the mouse and keyboard.

  Solution No.4: Restart your computer   .

Many times, when you have some problems on your computer, you restart it, and the problem goes away.

  Solution No.5: Update iTunes software   .

Whenever you want to update or restore your iPod, iPhone or iPad, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes software. Here is how to update iTunes:


  • Open the software, and from the menu bar click, on iTunes
  • Choose the option Check for Updates


  • Open the software, and from the menu bar click, on Help
  • Choose the option Check for Updates.

Follow the steps to install the latest iTunes version.


We hope that one of these 5 ways to fix iPod error 1418 solved the issue, and that you successfully updated or restored your iPod.

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