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5 Ways To Fix IPhone Error 1647

One of the errors which may appear during restore or update of your iPhone is error 1647. The problem is usually related to USB ports or security software. We prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1647, and we hope one of the solutions will work out for you. If that does not happen, and you do not solve the problem, make sure to call Apple support, and ask for further assistance. If you have an Apple store nearby, go there, and see what the staff will tell you.

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5 ways to fix iPhone error 1647


 Solution No.1: Change the USB port.

Unplug the cable from the current USB port, and plug it into another one. For many users, this simple and easy step solved the problem. With a bit of luck, you won’t need to look any further.

 Solution No.2: Unplug other devices from your computer.

If you have some other devices which are plugged into your computer via USB cable, and which are not necessary ones at the moment, unplug them. Try to update or restore your iPhone.

 Solution No.3: Restart your iPhone and your computer.

Sometimes, restart helps. Press and hold the sleep/wake button to restart your iPhone. Once your computer and iPhone are on again, try to finish the task. Hopefully, the error will be gone.

 Solution No.4: Update iTunes.

If the iTunes software on your computer is not up to date, download and install the latest version. Once you do that, there is a huge chance everything will work just fine.

 Solution No.5: Security software.

If your security software new version is available, download and install it. If that doesn’t help, close the program. If that does not help either, uninstall the software from your computer.


As mentioned at the beginning, if these 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1647 do not solve the issue, call Apple, or visit the nearby Apple store.

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