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5 Ways To Fix IPhone Error 1644

If your plan was to update or restore your iPhone, and you’ve got error 1644, don’t feel frustrated. There are some things which are very simple, but extremely useful, and you can try them in minutes. With a bit of luck and patience, the error won’t be there anymore, and you will be able to continue with the task. Moreover, you will be able to finish it successfully. We prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1644 in the text below. Make sure to go one by one, until you find the solution that will work for you.

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5 ways to fix iPhone error 1644


 Solution No.1: Restart iTunes.

As we promised at the beginning of the article, all the solutions are simple, but this one is unquestionably the easiest one of all 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1644. Usually, when people see the error, they forget to do some vital things, such as this one. Just close your iTunes software, and turn it back on. Try to update or restore again.

 Solution No.2: Restart your phone.

Press and hold the sleep/wake button. You will see the red slider, and drag it, to turn off the device. Do the same, and turn it on.

 Solution No.3: Check if your iTunes software is up to date.

If you are a Windows user, open the software, click on Menu, Help, and then Check for Updates.

If you are a Mac user, click on Menu, choose iTunes, and then Check for Updates.

 Solution No.4: Change USB port.

Since many errors during the update are USB related, you may want to try changing the USB port. It is a simple step, and it may do the trick.

Solution No.5: Unplug all other devices from the USB ports.

If there are any devices plugged into the USB ports which you don’t need, unplug them, and leave only the ones which are necessary.

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