5 Ways To Fix IPhone Error 1643

Source: techcrunch.com

When updating your iPhone, or when you want to restore it, most of the time you will finish the task without any errors. There are situations in which you may get the error such as 1643, and the solution is required. Without it, you cannot move forward. Even though many errors have similar solutions, we are giving our best to make this easier for you as possible by providing solutions of reach error separately. In this text, we prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1643, and you can try them out. They are not complicated, but most importantly, the problem can be solved. Let’s begin.

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5 ways to fix iPhone error 1643

Source: cnet.com
Source: cnet.com

 Solution No.1: Close virtualization apps.

When apps such as Parallels for example, are running, it may effect on the capability of the computer to normally communicate over USB. Make sure to close those apps.

 Solution No.2: Restart your computer.

Many glitches and errors during the restore or update process can be solved with the computer restart. Give it a shot.

 Solution No.3: Update iTunes.

It is vital to check if your iTunes software is up to date.

If you are a Mac user, open the program, and in the menu, find iTunes. Click on Check for Updates.

If you are Windows user, open the program, choose Help, and click on Check for Updates.

 Solution No.4: Use another USB cable.

If you have been using third party USB cable, find the one the Apple cable. Change the cable you are currently using, because it may be damaged.

 Solution No.5: Disconnect other device from your computer.

If there are any other USB devices, disconnect them, and leave only those which are necessary, such as your mouse and keyboard.


One of these 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1643 will hopefully be useful, and the glitch will be gone.

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