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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Cannot Answer The Call Issue

All iPhone 6 users are very happy with the way their new device works. However, some of them reported a glitch that occurs occasionally, when the phone is ringing, and the person cannot answer the call. It seems like the phone is frozen. In this article, you can see 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 cannot answer the call issue and all of them are listed in the text below. Hopefully, with these several solutions, you won’t have this problem again.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 6 cannot answer the call issue


Solution No.1: Toggle Airplane mode

This is one of the options that can help many times, with all kinds of issues, not only with this one. Go to Settings, and turn on the Airplane mode. After ten seconds, turn it off again.


Solution No.2: Turn off your device

This step helped many users. By pressing and holding the sleep/wake button, and dragging the slider when appears, turn your device off completely. Leave it that way for several minutes, and then turn it back on.


Solution No.3: Delete recently installed apps

If you installed some new app on your iPhone recently, maybe it is the reason why the phone has this glitch. Remove the app, but tapping on its icon on the home screen. When an X shows up in the corner, click on it, and the app will be deleted.


Solution No.4: Remove the iPhone case and screen protection if you have them

Even If this sounds crazy, many users find this solution extremely helpful. Give it a shot.


Solution No.5: Erase all content and settings

As in many other situations, this step may fix the issue. Backup your data before you start. To do this, go to Settings, tap on General, click on Reset and click on Erase all content and settings.


We hope these 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 cannot answer the call issue were helpful. If not, make sure to contact Apple, or visit their nearest store.

  1. I am having a challenge with connection through a group call. The iphone 6s keep showing “connecting….” for a few seconds and drops off. I have tried to reinstall the app without success.

    Appreciated your help.

  2. my ip6s freeze when i got a phone calls. why? i cant answer it but i can make a phone calls to others just cant receive calls. help.

  3. My. iPhone 8 Plus. Freezes when someone calls. Me. N will no let me. Answer it. I have to turn my. Phone off. N turn it back on

      1. Same with my iphone 7 – just started a day ago – I loaded the new updates recently too – my phone freezes – have to turn right off – will try some of the suggestions listed for previous issues

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