5 Ways To Fix IPhone 4s Battery Drain

One of the questions that is frequently asked by all iPhone 4s and all other iPhone users is why the battery drains so fast. You cannot even imagine going somewhere without your phone, which is why iPhone 4s battery drain issue is something extremely frustrating. There are a couple of things that can make a huge difference, so your battery can last much longer. In this article you will find some pretty useful suggestions, so let’s check out 5 ways to fix iPhone 4s battery drain.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 4s battery drain

5 ways to fix iPhone 4s battery drain
5 ways to fix iPhone 4s battery drain

Solution No.1: Turn off Location Services for certain apps

The option on your iPhone, known as Location Services has a major impact on the battery life. You don’t have to turn off the option entirely. There are many location-aware apps, so you can turn this off only for the apps you want. How to do this:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on Privacy > Location Services
  • You will see many individual sliders, so just scroll down and turn off this option for the app you want.

Solution No.2: Background App Refresh

There is no doubt that Background App Refresh is an excellent feature, but you need to use it smartly, since it has a major impact on your battery. Enable this option only for the apps you check frequently, and disable it for the ones you don’t actually care so much about. Here is how to disable Background App Refresh:

  • Go to Settings and tap on General
  • Select Background app Refresh
  • Disable it for all the apps you want.

Solution No.3: Turn off Push Notifications for certain apps

If the Push Notification is enabled for every single app you have installed on your iPhone 4s., you will get all kinds of notifications, which can be not only irritating, but each time it happens your phone will wake from the sleep mode. Of course, this plays a very significant role when it comes to iPhone 4s battery drain. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app, and tap Notifications
  • You will get a list of all the apps from which you get all those annoying notifications
  • Click on the app you want, and disable Push Notification.

Solution No.4: Disable push Email

Do you really need to know that you received an email the same second it happens or you can check your email once in a while? If the other option of is fine, then you should disable Push email. Here is how:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Choose Fetch New Data
  • Set the option Push to off.

Solution No.5: Use Airplane mode where you are in the poor cellular service area

If you are in the area where the cellular service is poor, your antenna will need more power so it can actually stay connected. In order to fix iPhone 4s battery drain problem, simply do this: navigate to Settings > Airplane mode, and turn it on.


We are sure you’ll love these 5 ways to fix iPhone 4s battery drain because these simple workarounds will make a huge positive change.

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