5 Ways To Fix IPhone 4 White Screen Issue

Several years after its release, iPhone 4 still is one of the most popular iPhones. As any other device, it may work perfectly for years, or it can have some glitches. One of the glitches certainly is the white screen problem, which may disappear after several seconds. If that is not the case, check out 5 ways to fix iPhone 4 white screen issue we prepared. The possibilities are limited. The screen of the phone is white and frozen. However, these ideas are helpful, so make sure to check them out.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 4 white screen issue

Source: galleryhip.com

Source: galleryhip.com

 Solution No.1: Turn off auto-brightness.

Usually, the white screen can appear when the battery level is below 30 %. Most of the time, the phone will work fine, but you need to get rid of the problem for the future. Go to Settings, Display & Brightness, and turn off auto-brightness. This may be all you need.

 Solution No.2: Press couple of buttons simultaneously.

This can help as well: press Home, Volume up and Sleep (power) button at the same time, and wait for several seconds. This action can be handy, and it will make the white screen go away. Once it happens, let release the buttons.

 Solution No.3: Tap the phone with three fingers.

Even if this does not sound as the solution which will actually fix the problem, it does. When the white screen appears, just tap the screen with three fingers, several times, but do that gently.

 Solution No.4: Restore from an old backup.

Sometimes, when you connect your device to your computer, the white screen may disappear. In iTunes software, choose an option to restore.

 Solution No.5: Remove the battery.

When the screen goes white, open your device, and remove the battery. If there is dirt and dust inside, clean it with the dry cloth. Put the battery back, and turn the device on.

The listed 5 ways to fix iPhone 4 white screen issue will often solve the problem. If that does not happen, go to the Apple Store for the assistance.

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