5 Ways To Fix Flashlight On IPhone 5s

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Experiencing the issue with the flashlight on your iPhone 5s does not necessarily mean it is a hardware issue. In many situations, users solved the problem with some very simple ideas, and in this article, we will share those ideas with you. Further down, you can find 5 ways to fix flashlight on iPhone 5s, and the grayed out problem, which is the common one will disappear basically in minutes. Here are the solutions.

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5 ways to fix flashlight on iPhone 5s

Source: youtube.com/

Source: youtube.com

Solution No.1: Take several photos

Many users solved the flashlight issue in the simplest manner possible, so you should try it as well. Take several photos with the flash on. We hope it will work.

Solution No.2: Do not disturb

Sometimes, certain solutions sound crazy, but when it comes to your phone, you are willing to try anything. This is very simple, and often a very efficient solution. Go to Settings, tap on Do Not Disturb, and turn on Manual option by moving the switch next to it. Wait for a few seconds and turn it off.



Solution No.3: Restart your iPhone 5s

Press and hold the sleep/wake button, and drag the slider when appears. When the phone is off, do the same – press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn it on.



Solution No.4: Update iOS

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the issue is not always hardware related, often it is just a software. If there is a new iOS version available, get it.

  • Connect your iPhone 5s to a power source
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  • Tap Download and Install


Solution No.5: Reset all settings

You have probably done this many times before. Go to Settings, tap on General > Reset, and choose Reset all settings. This will not delete any of your data or apps, it will reset the settings to factory defaults.



With these 5 ways to fix flashlight on iPhone 5s, many people solved the problem. In case, nothing seems to work, you should visit one of the Apple stores, to get further assistance about the issue.

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