5 Ways To Fix Blue Screen On IPhone 5c

Some iPhone 5c users experienced the problem known as the blue screen of death. When the screen becomes blue, the device may reboot as well, which is not always the case. Often, the problem lies in the apps you have on your phone, and it can be solved easily. We have prepared 5 ways to fix blue screen on iPhone 5c, so check them out. If the first two solutions do not work out, be persistent, and try them all if required.

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5 ways to fix blue screen on iPhone 5c

5 ways to fix blue screen on iPhone 5c

5 ways to fix blue screen on iPhone 5c

 Solution No.1: Update your apps  .

Some users solved the blue screen problem with this simple fix. This solution is ideal for those who turned off Automatic updates. All you need to do is to visit the App Store, and see which apps are not up to date.

  Solution No.2: Faulty apps   .

If the problem started right after you installed a particular app, there is a chance that the app is faulty. You should delete, because once you do so, the problem will probably be gone. Find the app’s icon on the Home screen, hold your finger on it until you see an X, and just tap on the X.

 Solution No.3: Delete a couple of apps  .

In case you have many apps installed, that may be the reason why you are experiencing the problem. Delete the apps you do not use too often, and see if that will make any difference.

  Solution No.4: Restore from backup   .

Connect your device to your computer, and when iTunes recognizes your iPhone 5c, choose to restore from an old backup.

 Solution No.5: Update iOS software  .

Updating the iOS software can solve the problem. You can do it via iTunes, or wirelessly, which certainly is the simplest way.


These 5 ways to fix blue screen on iPhone 5c are efficient, and we hope you solved the problem. If not, you should visit the nearest Apple Store to ask for further assistance.

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