5 Ways To Fix IPhone Error 1669

There is nothing worse than seeing an unfamiliar error on your iPhone device. However, you are not alone, since errors on iPhones are often, and they simply pop up without any warning whatsoever. Most of them are connected to iTunes, but most importantly, almost every error can be fixed without the assistance of Apple support. Did you get the error 1669? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. We will show you 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1669 , and once you try these solutions out, the error will be gone.

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5 ways to fix iPhone error 1669



 Solution No.1: Restart your computer.

If for some reason, you cannot update or restore your iPhone, turn off iTunes and restart your computer. Sometimes, there are certain glitches that will be fixed after the restart.

 Solution No.2: Change the USB port.

When you change the USB port, the error simply disappears. Connect your iPhone to your computer, but this time use a different USB port.

 Solution No.3: Get the latest iTunes version.

Whenever you have some problem with restoring or updating, update iTunes. For both, Mac and Windows users, the process is almost same. When you open the program, if you are using Mac, go to the menu, choose iTunes, and then Check for Updates. For Windows users, go to menu, Help, and Updates.

 Solution No.4: Uninstall iTunes and install it again.

If the previous suggestion didn’t help, uninstall the program from your computer. Make sure to clean the cache files as well. Once you are done, go to the official iTunes web page, download and install the latest version of the software on your computer.

 Solution No.5: Update Windows or OS X.

If nothing helps, make sure to update OS X, or Windows. Hopefully, it will fix the problem.


You need just a bit of time and effort to try these 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1669, and the chances are the problem will be solved. However, if that’s not the case, contact Apple, and ask for further assistance.


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