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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Plus Randomly Shut Off

5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Plus Randomly Shut Off 2

Even though iPhones are truly amazing devices, every model has some bugs and errors you will have to deal with. In previous models, especially iPhone 5, one of the issues was that device randomly shut down, even when the battery is full. Many users have the same issue with iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, that won’t happen too often, but it may be really frustrating, even if it is once per week. We will give you several different suggestions, and you should try them. With these 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 Plus randomly shut off, you will hopefully solve the issue, and the device will work great again. If these solutions don’t help, make sure to visit one of the Apple Stores.

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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Plus Randomly Shut Off


Solution No.1: Hard reset

A hard reset can fix many issues, including this one when your device is turning off on its own. To perform a hard reset, press and hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously and keep holding the buttons until you see the Apple logo.
5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Plus Randomly Shut Off 3


Solution No.2: Delete the apps you installed recently

Sometimes, the reason why the phone it shutting down on its own is because some application. There are many apps there that are poorly coded and may cause all kinds of issues, including this one. It is advisable to delete the apps you installed recently, around the time when the issue appeared. To delete an app, find its icon, press and hold it and when the X shows up click on it. Next, tap Delete.



Solution No.3: Drain and Charge the phone(Calibrate)

You need to let your device drain completely until it shuts off. Then, let it charge to 100 %. This solved the problem for many iPhone users, so give it a try.


Solution No.4: iOS update

This may be the software issue, and you can solve it with the simple iOS update. To see if your device needs the update, go to Settings, General, and choose Software Update. If there is an option Download and install, tap on it.


Solution No.5: Restore

Another thing you may try is to restore your iPhone as new using iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed and also, backup the data you have on your iPhone. Follow the steps below:

  • Open iTunes
  • Connect your device to your computer using the cable that came with it
  • In iTunes, select your device
  • Click Restore in the Summary panel
  • To confirm your action click Restore
  • The iTunes software will erase your iPhone and it will install the latest version of iOS


In most cases, users were able to solve the problem with these 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 Plus randomly shut off.


  1. My crazy iPhone 6 Plus keeps shutting off by itself at least 5 o 6 times per day … fortunately this has been happening only recently in the last 2 days. Although today it got so bad that nothing I tried could bring it back to live. Reading several blogs I realised that, as many suggest, it could be about a faulty battery connection or the battery dislodging from its original position. So out of desperation I decided to firmly slap the back of the iPhone on my thigh for a couple of times and … the phone worked again! So, if you are experiencing something similar is worthy trying moving the battery into place by whatever means you deem appropriate. Best of luck this is a very annoying fault!

  2. My apple 6s iphone suddenly shut down. When i turn on it, an error massege coming as connect iTune and again shut down the phone. How i turn on my phone. Pls help.

  3. tried every fix recommended to sort the problem but still the phone just turns off even if there is a changed new battery

  4. iPhone keeps rebooting and shutting down by itself could be caused by iOS bugs, software crashed, or hardware problems.
    RecoveryTool Fix Recovery may help.

  5. Im having the same problem with iphone 6 it shuts down suddenly even when its still have 90% battery. Plus when i get an incoming calls or tex messages the ring tone does’nt work anymore, i checked the settings for sounds everything is on but still not working. I have my iphone for about 2 years now and its not cover for warranty anymore and in this forum seems to have so many complainants with the same issue with their iphone, i wonder if apple company would compensate the consumers in this matter.

  6. tried every fix recommended to sort the problem but still the phone just turns off ,
    apple are a disgrace as it is a software /battery problem

  7. my iphone 6splus goes to the same shut down mode but only when you press the notes icon tried everything except ios update. What a piece of junk, iphone 5 has been chugging along for years!!

  8. Started having this issue with my 6S this morning. The phone was purchased just about 2 years ago. I just completed the software update and it seems to be okay (for now) as it has not cut off in the last five minutes…

  9. This is super annoying…my iphone 6 plus is doing it with 96% charge, it doesn’t even give me a minute to delete the apps before its off and on again but I am now doing all I can including updating the latest software coz rebooting never worked…but I think its battery issue. I think I will have to change the battery anyway. Apple store, this is really bad especially after spending so much money.

    1. Mine is doing the same today. Deleted apps but still doing it. Same day as you. I wonder if some software updated overnight.

      1. hi how can fix this kind of scenario? it is possible po ba na maayos pa rin. may naka lagay po kasi saakin na phone not backed up. nag on off yong iphone 6 plus ko thnx

  10. Thank you so much. The first suggestion worked for me for iphone 6 plus. But, it’s totally annoying when the phone shuts down abruptly.

  11. This happened to my iPhone 6 plus after I updated it…beware.
    The only way I could get it to turn back on is to connect it to iTunes

  12. I have an iPhone 6 that shut off and would not turn back on. I tried Fix 1, the Hard Set. It has worked so far.

  13. Recently purchased an iPhone 6 Which has just died as of yesterday evening! Tried rebooting but no go..just keeps returning to an iTunes icon with an arrow beneath it. Pressing, swiping does nothing. I’ll be looking for a refund tomorrow!

  14. My I phone gets gets switched off frequeltly before battery dry’s fully. Is there any solution dose anybody solution for it

  15. Had this problem for months and went to Apple Store three times.
    They finally agreed to replace my battery free of charge and it’s worked perfectly ever since.

  16. Yep mine shuts down at anywhere between 75% and 53% and will not restart untill the phone is plugged into a charger, then within seconds boots back up and read the same battery % as when it shut down. APPLE – you need to support your buyers of iphones!! buying a 64Gb iphone 6 just over a year ago spending over $700 and having these types of issues is very poor, its either a software bug or battery monitoring hardware, personally i think a software fix could resolve it. I wish it would catch fire, at least it would get on the news media and you ‘APPLE’ would have to address it.

  17. So, in other words no one has been able to come up with a solution to this issue of the phone randomly “dying” …. I feel like screaming now…,

    1. That is correct! Planned obsolescence–they need people to buy a new phone every year or two. Why make a quality product that lasts? Tim Cook and Co need their cash cow. They could have made the iPhone X back in 2015 but they only make small incremental improvements to the phone because they are assholes who can’t really innovate. It is time for a new fruit.

    2. yea, that’s what I’ve been thinking, they have it timed perfectly soon as you paid off your phone they give you problems to buy another one.

    1. I went to the Apple store, all they did was a software update. Didn’t work (phone was still shutting off randomly) so they told me to do a factory reset via iTunes. Just did it, so we’ll see how it goes. If the problem still isn’t fixed, apparently I should call AppleCare.

  18. This happens all the time to my iPhone 6, tried reset to factory settings, draining the battery, deleting all apps. Even went to Apple Store,they say it’s a software problem. Updated to new iOS 10.1 but nothing has worked. So annoying seeing it was the iOS 10 update that caused it. Come on apple, own up that’s there’s an issue and get your finger out!

  19. I think Apple needs to do a recall on the iPhone 6 battery. Mine randomly goes off even at 45-50%. Just dies. Started happening all of a sudden. I’m so angry.

    1. Yes Tasha after operating system 10.0 was installed it started happening. I have tried everything except reinstall from iTunes and a new battery.
      Apple did say my Diagnistic test said the battery was fine.
      Apple we need new batteries!

    2. My IPhone 6 just goes off when it’s 100%, and charges in 5 minutes even didn’t take long am using it now for 21 days only.

  20. Upgrade th IOS??? the upgrade caused it! Drain the battery…can’t it sets off around 50-60 %. Useless advice.

  21. Lol no. I fixed it with one of the methods. And no it is smart to update. I love my custom font and ios6 theme and gif background you can’t get from a non jailbreak phone

      1. Lol no. I fixed it with one of the methods. And no it is smart to update. I love my custom font and ios6 theme and gif background you can’t get from a non jailbreak phone

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