5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Plus Randomly Shut Off

Even though iPhones are truly amazing devices, every model has some bugs and errors you will have to deal with. In previous models, especially iPhone 5, one of the issues was that device randomly shut down, even when the battery is full. Many users have the same issue with iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, that won’t happen too often, but it may be really frustrating, even if it is once per week. We will give you several different suggestions, and you should try them. With these 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 Plus randomly shut off, you will hopefully solve the issue, and the device will work great again. If these solutions don’t help, make sure to visit one of the Apple Stores.

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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Plus Randomly Shut Off



Solution No.1: Hard reset

A hard reset can fix many issues, including this one when your device is turning off on its own. To perform a hard reset, press and hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously and keep holding the buttons until you see the Apple logo.


Solution No.2: Delete the apps you installed recently

Sometimes, the reason why the phone it shutting down on its own is because some application. There are many apps there that are poorly coded and may cause all kinds of issues, including this one. It is advisable to delete the apps you installed recently, around the time when the issue appeared. To delete an app, find its icon, press and hold it and when the X shows up click on it. Next, tap Delete.



Solution No.3: Drain and Charge the phone(Calibrate)

You need to let your device drain completely until it shuts off. Then, let it charge to 100 %. This solved the problem for many iPhone users, so give it a try.


Solution No.4: iOS update

This may be the software issue, and you can solve it with the simple iOS update. To see if your device needs the update, go to Settings, General, and choose Software Update. If there is an option Download and install, tap on it.


Solution No.5: Restore

Another thing you may try is to restore your iPhone as new using iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed and also, backup the data you have on your iPhone. Follow the steps below:

  • Open iTunes
  • Connect your device to your computer using the cable that came with it
  • In iTunes, select your device
  • Click Restore in the Summary panel
  • To confirm your action click Restore
  • The iTunes software will erase your iPhone and it will install the latest version of iOS


In most cases, users were able to solve the problem with these 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 Plus randomly shut off.


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