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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5 No Service Fix After Water Damage

One of the favorite phones on the market definitely is iPhone 5. It has premium design, best materials and perfectly integrated hardware and software, which is why the device provides the best user experience like no other phone. Even though it is among the finest devices, it is not water resistant. There are many situations in which this issue may occur. If it happened to you, do not worry, here are 5 ways to fix iPhone 5 no service fix after water damage.

Below are some tips and procedures to fix an iPhone after its contact with water, where as a result, No Service error might appear.

5 ways to fix iPhone 5 no service fix after water damage


Solution No.1: Use the rice.

Even though this may sound ridiculous, you can dry your iPhone with the rice. Fill the bowl with rice, and put your phone in the bowl. Make sure to mix the rice occasionally, because that way, you will replace the grains that picked up the excess water with the new grains.

Solution No.2: Check time and date.

When people have to dry their phones, they usually disconnect the battery. After that, you may notice that time and date on the device are wrong. Set them manually, and that may fix the problem with the service.

Solution No.3: Clean the SIM connection.

In order to clean the SIM connection, make sure to remove back cover and back panel of the phone. Once you see the SIM connection, make sure to clean it slowly and gently.

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Solution No.4: Airplane mode and Wi-Fi.

When there is no service, toggle airplane mode on/off. If that does not help, connect to Wi-Fi. Even these solutions are simple, then cay me very helpful.

Solution No.5: Restore iPhone 5 settings.

In order to perform restore, connect your iPhone 5 to your computer and when the iTunes appears, in the summary panel click “Restore”. After restart, your network signal should be good again.

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Many users have reported that one of these 5 ways to fix iPhone 5 no service after water damage were helpful.

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