5 Ways To Fix IOS 7 WiFi Not Connecting Problem

Complaints from users who have recently upgraded to the iOS 7 version have given rise to a number of questions regarding the new update. Although this issue has existed in the past, the new Apple updates usually fixed the issue immediately. However, this time around with the WiFi issue persistently hanging around, here are a bunch of fixes that will help fix the issue up until Apple releases an update.

Some are saying that their WIFI icon is being greyed out periodically 

  • Difficulty locating or connecting to a network
  • Unexpected Wi-Fi signal strength or disconnects
  • Inability to access the Internet
  • Not automatically connecting to Wi-Fi when expected

5 Ways to Fix iOS 7 WiFi Not Connecting Problem


 1.Reboot your device

Most of the times, rebooting your device fixes whatever issue your device might be facing. It only takes a simple press and hold on the power button at the top and press the Home button as well. Maintain this position until you see the Apple logo appear once more. If this turns out to solve your issue, you’re more than welcome. Otherwise try the next step!

>Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button

>Slide across to power off

>When the device is off,  press and hold the Sleep/Wake button

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2.Network settings

Navigating to your network settings and resetting them also tends to remove the WiFi issue in plenty of cases. Simply head over to your device’s Settings and from there to General. Once you reach Reset, select Reset Network Settings. You might need to be aware of the fact that if your network is secured then you will need to insert the pass key code once more.

3.Check up on the router

Perhaps the issue might not reside within your device or the updated iOS. Maybe, it is in issue with your router or the internet connection itself. The foremost thing to do in this case is to ensure that your connection is running at an optimum level. Check your device, reset it if need arises and also check with your service provider if things do not work out.

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4.Factory Reset your device

Resetting your device might be the very last option you have before contacting customer support. Basically like formatting and reinstalling Windows onto your desktop computer, a factory reset will cleanse your iPhone of all possible “dirt” that might be residing within. Take care to backup any important files for it restores your iPhone to how it was when you first purchased it. Head over to General after navigating to Settings and from there choose Reset. Select Reset All Settings.

5.Contact customer support

If all else fails and you find yourself incapable of fixing anything despite trying out all of the above mentioned options, do not hesitate to contact Apple customer support. They will definitely find a way to fix your issue almost immediately.

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