5 Ways To Fix Fast Battery Drain On IOS 8.1

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Apple released iOS 8.1, software upgrade on September 17th 2014. This upgrade fixed most of the bugs and problems on iPhones, iPods and iPads. Besides, this upgrade gives a lot of other features and improvements. The Cloud Photo Library beta is now available for all iOS users as well as 8 Photos iCloud web applications.

However, with all these improvements there are some completely different problems that may occur, such as fast battery drain. If you follow these 5 ways to fix fast battery drain on iOS 8.1 you may get rid of the problem.

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Source: imore.com
Source: imore.com

5 Ways To Fix Fast Battery Drain On iOS 8.1

Battery draining fast problem on the iPhone and IPad is very prominent issue that the latest IOS 8,1 update brought , specifically with the iPhone 5. A lot of people on forums are complaining that “there battery drains quickly, the IOS 8.1 eats their battery”

These are all the voices being heard.But, in this article you will find 5 ways to solve this issue.

Solution No. 1: Turn off Background App Refresh.

BAR definitely is an amazing add-on, but you don’t have to use it for all applications that BAR supports. You can turn off the BAR for Facebook, Twitter and some other applications where updates are not constantly needed.

Navigate to  General -> Background App Refresh

General -> Auto-Lock and make sure your iPhone isn’t set to Never.

If it’s set to never, you will have to manually lock your phone each time, and this causes unnecessary display lighting and as a result your battery will drain faster.

Solution No. 2: Temporarily disable Push email.

Push email allows you to be notified whenever a new message arrives. If this is not something that is necessary for you, turn it off. To turn off the push email on your iPhone:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Choose Fetch New Data
  4. Turn off Push

Solution No. 3: Turn off  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi .

Bluetooth is not always needed, and it can lead to a problem such as battery drain on iOS 8.1. Turn it off, and you will save the battery.Wi-Fi uses more battery power than Bluetooth. However, when there is a period of time when you do not need it, make sure to turn it off. That way, the battery on your device will last longer.3G support is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, it reduces the battery life. If you are in the area of poor range, or if you are traveling, this is perhaps the most effective way to save the battery on your device.

Solution No.4: Battery Usage.

IOS 8  now tells you what is consuming a lot of your battery. Navigate to  settings> general> battery usage. There it shows what has the most load on your IPhone, Simply force  closing them can solve the issue of fast battery drain.

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Keep the phone  away from extreme temperature. Apple recommends ,   62° to
72° F (16° to 22° C) to be comfort zone . Charging Your IPhone in cold temperature can result in temporary  decrease in  battery life, while charging/ storing the phone in hot temperature can negatively affect the battery

5 Ways To Fix Fast Battery Drain On IOS 8.1

5 Ways To Fix Fast Battery Drain On IOS 8.1

Solution No. 5: Turn Off Effects.

1. The IOS 8.1 has some really nice and fancy animations. However, if you prefer longer battery life over these fancy appeals, then simple turn off   Reduce Motion

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion, Tap to switch off

2. Disable  Dynamic wall papers  Settings -> Wallpaper , instead of using apple’s Dynamic wall papers that utilizes a lot of your processor’s power to decode and fetch the moving animation(bubbles) use your own wall paper.

3. Turn Off Auto Brightness –Settings -> Display & Brightness

4.  Turn Equalizer off navigate to :

The Settings > app>  Music> EQ Tap off


 Tip! – Run done your battery as much as possible

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