5 Things You Did Not Know About iOS 8

If you have owned a new iPhone running on iOS 8 or your phone has been upgraded by the new iOS 8, then you can discover some features that You Did Not Know About iOS 8.

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5 Things You Did Not Know About iOS 8

5 Things You Did Not Know About iOS 8

5 unknown features of iOS 8

Reply from the locked screen

You all know how to reply to the interactive notification in iOS 8. The process is to drag the notification down to show a text box, and you can reply or message to the notification.

However, iOS 8 also allows you to reply from a locked screen. You just wake the phone, and as you see the notification, drag it left to see a reply button. Similarly in case you have missed some notification then first drag from top to bottom to go the notification centre and then swipe left to reply.

Recognize music with help of Siri

This is one of the most interesting features that you did not know about iOS 8. When you listen to any music, you can ask Siri about it. Siri will identify the song and also a link of this song will be provided to buy it.

Check the apps that consume more battery

Yes you can identify the apps that are eating more battery in your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to discover a list that will show you the apps and battery consumed by them in the last few days. There will be two lists. One is for last 24 hours and the other one of the last one week. So the app that is making the poor battery life can be removed from the phone.

Minimize an email

When you are composing a mail you are able to check the previous mail for reference by minimizing the composed mail. Just drag down from the top of the mail, and it will be minimized, then check the inbox by swiping to the right.

Desktop websites in safari

If you don’t prefer to be redirected to the mobile version of a site, then just tap the address bar and swipe left to find out the option to get the desktop website.

So these features you can enjoy now that you did not know about iOS 8.

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