5 Interesting iPhone 7 Concept Renders

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According to Apple annual cycle, iPhone 7 should be launched on fall next year. Many of iPhone design concepts have been circulating on the Internet. All these concepts are interesting and unique. Some of them even come with the concept of iOS 10. We are going to share the 5 interesting iPhone 7 concept renders. Keep on reading and tell us which one do you like most? Do you think Apple will adopt one of these designs for their iPhone 7? What do you think?

iPhone 7 with An Apple Watch-Style Crown

This concept is rendered by Antonio De Rosa, an Italian graphic designer. He designed the iPhone 7 with 5.5-inch phone diagonal and 6.9mm of thickness. The unique thing is, he combines the iPhone design and a Digital Crown as you see on the Apple Watch. The result, you will not find the home button here, as on all previous iPhone series, because its function is integrated with Digital Crown. The Crown button itself is placed on the top of the On/Off button on the left side of the device, so it can detect the Touch ID with ease. It’s a smart idea!

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the three dots as the Sense button to catch gestures and movements. The screen uses a Retina HD+, with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. When we talk about the processor, it runs on 64 bit Apple A9 chip and the M9 coprocessor. De Rosa didn’t mention the camera and it seems the rest of the design remains unchanged.

iPhone 7 with Home Button Integrated within the screen

This concept is created by Martin Hajek, which often comes up with great iPhone concepts. This time he came with new concept of iPhone 7. The idea is to integrate the Home Button within the screen, and to have a device with a full screen display. Unlike De Rosa’s concept, Hajek prefers to place the Home Button as it is, on the display. The front camera is made smaller, while the rear camera has 2 lenses to let you refocus your photos during editing. The other interesting about Martin Hajek’s concept is the Apple logo on the back. It lights up like on the MacBook, and also works as a flashlight that you can switch On or Off.

iPhone 7 with Edge to Edge display and without home button

This concept comes from Deviantart, a member of Studiomonroe. One more iPhone 7 concept without Home Button and  a full screen display. It seems to be the combination of Martin Hajek and De Rosa solution, by adding the idea of edge to edge display. The other idea is too reduce the size of the iPhone without reducing the screen. Due to the Home Button is eliminated from the display, the Force Touch is built into the screen emulate the Home Button and Touch ID.

Deviantart didn’t say anything about the processor, camera, and so on. So, what do you think about this iPhone concept?

5 Interesting iPhone 7 Concept Renders

iPhone 7 Concept inspired by Apple Patent

According to Patently Apple, the U.S patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple 28 patents they asked, one of it is  “an advanced glass wraparound display design” for the iPhone. Inspired by this Patent, Mesut G designs, created a concept for iPhone 7 with a curved upfront and the edge to edge approach at the back, almost cylindrical. In This concept, Mesut G eliminates the physical buttons, including the Home Button and Volume Button. The 2 speakers are placed in the  back of the device. This iPhone 7 concept has a simple and minimalist design, it is elegant, and simply gorgeous. The most interesting thing is that it’s inspired by Apple patent. Will Apple adopts this concept for their next iPhone series? Well, maybe not for iPhone 7, because a report claimed that South Korea display makers are already presenting such screen solution to Apple for their iPhone and may arrived in 2018.

iPhone 7 Concept inspired by Apple Watch

Here it is, the other iPhone 7 concept inspired by Apple Watch, but unlike the Antonio De rosa’s design, this concept tends to adopt the UI of Apple Watch. This idea comes  from Marek Weidlich, a design student from Czech Republic. The Apple Watch UI is based on the floating cloud of apps from WatchOS, and it means Marek also has a vision for the upcoming iOS 10, which brings the possibility to move around the cloud with ease.

For the appearance, it seems he agreed with a full screen display and eliminates the Home Button on the display and it’s associated to the software. In this concept, iPhone 7 will have a 15 megapixel camera capable of 8K video capture. The other difference, when it comes to the back side, this iPhone 7 will have a new ergonomic shape for better grip. The rest of designs remains the same.

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