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5 Common Problems People Face With HTC One X

With the HTC business going on perfectly with its production and succeeding in keeping its image clean and efficient throughout, people nevertheless have been facing problems with one of its phones; the HTC One X. Below is a list of 5 common problems people have faced and may happen upon your purchase of the HTC One X:

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 5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X

5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X
5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X
  1.  Its Display

If you see the HTC One X from afar or in a friend’s hand you will involuntarily coo at how neat and sparkling the screen is. But, once this device falls in your hands you will see for yourself how annoying and irritating it becomes at times. If you push at the digitizer button a little too hard, the screen might discolor. After a very small bump or crash the phone’s screen may be permanently ruined by annoying color tinge at one of the phone’s screen corners.

  1.  Wi-Fi Picking Up Issue

Some people have experienced this issue and did not hesitate in complaining about it to the company and raise awareness around their friends to not buy this phone. Even if you are standing 1-2 meters away from the Wifi router the phone will still not pick up the signals. People have said that there is an issue with the Wifi antenna in the phone’s system. So as you can get it started you will have to press the back of the phone, which touches the Wifi antenna with the connector building back the circuit.

5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X
5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X


  1.  Battery and Heating

Common amongst a lot of HTC phones, these devices heat up very quickly if you use it for more than just checking your emails. If you run a heavy app or play a game the gadget warms up like crazy. That can be extremely frustrating in the summer. Not to mention the phone’s battery finishes up speedily and charging takes a lot more time than it has to. Especially if you are doing that with your USB!

  1.  Sound Problems

When recording a video one feels extra happy with the 8 MP camera that snaps clear videos and images. And when you watch your video with headphones on from your phone the sound is perfect. Once you transfer the record to your laptop or computer and view it then, the sound quality is apathetic.

  1.  Freezes and Non-responsive Power Button

Individuals have faced time spans where their HTC One X has frozen and refused to respond to any touch or button after being used for a prolonged period of time. Usually people have solved the issue by removing the battery and replacing it again. Also, when powering on the device people have experienced extra ordinary matters like their brand new HTC One X’s power button not functioning properly.

5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X
5 Common Problems People Face with HTC One X
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