5 Best Tools For Freelance Designers

It is quite obvious that juggling a job life could be quite hectic and tiresome. However, if you are working as a freelance graphic designer then be prepared to pack up your schedule even more. There are so many small tasks that might keep you busy. As a freelance designer, there are so many demands expected out of you. From building your individual profile to handling the urgent requests of the clients, you would need a great deal of patience and regulation of the hectic routine of your life. Here is the list of the best tools for freelance designers.

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The 5 Best Tools For Freelance Designers


There are a lot of freelance designers who do not have their own blog. However, personal blogs can help a lot to the freelance designers to build their online image and to promote themselves out to the world. WordPress in such cases can be considered to be one of the best tools for freelancers who wish to make it big on the online platform. With the help of WordPress, the freelance designers can showcase their skill and talent, acquire new clients and can get extra work with effective marketing. As a result of using this helpful tool, they can earn an extra amount of money by honing and displaying their talent to the clients on the online platform.

WordPress is the most popular form of blogging and by creating self-blogs on this platform, the freelance designers can benefit in many ways. To start self-blogging with WordPress, designers can take help from the online bloggers and can learn the effective ways of blogging. This would build their profile and they can reach to greater heights by individual efforts and hard work.



Aweber can be regarded as one of the best apps for freelance designers. For those freelancers who need a good marketing campaign to showcase their skills and talents on the global online platform, this is one of the best options. Aweber is a great service to develop a strong email campaign that can help the freelance designers in developing a good image online and to promote their artwork out to the global clients. With the use of the Aweber app, designers can establish stronger relationships with their previous and current clients. Another great tool for designers in this niche is the MailChimp that is available for free and has as many as 2000 subscribers. A strong email campaign can boost the profile of the freelance designers and can give them ample opportunities to grow in the freelancing business.



Flow too can be considered as one of the best tools for freelancers. It is a great management tool that offers multiple features. Flow has a myriad of amazing capabilities like notifications, chat, ping for attention and some strong assigning features. With Flow, the success of the freelance designers would depend on the nature of their work and how they are dealing with the clients. You can enhance the performance of your freelance designing with Flow that can even help you in the management of the group projects. With Flow, some of the salient features offered to the users include:

  • Set priorities for tasks
  • Set repeating tasks
  • Track task histories, with attachments and comments
  • Create private to-do lists
  • Create tasks on the go from the Android and iOS device
  • Drop tasks into lists to keep related tasks organized
  • Creation of tasks whenever and wherever possible with the help of task form


Zoho Invoice

Have you been dreaded to pay for an invoicing tool? Zoho Invoice is the tool that promises the delivery of the free service forever to the freelance designers. If you happen to be a single user with less number of clients like 5-6, then the Zoho Invoice app can be considered as one of the most useful tools for freelancers. The Zoho Invoice offers a set or suite of several business apps that can help you in the management of everyday tasks with ease. You can do several daily tasks like scheduling meetings or manage the client relationships in a convenient manner. With the help of Zoho Invoice app for the freelance designers, the designers can auto schedule their invoices that can be created either by using the software template or from the self PDFs. Therefore, for the busy freelance designers, the Zoho Invoice app can help in the management of their schedule in a better manner.


Google Web Fonts

If you have been in the designing industry or profession for a long time, then as a freelance designer you would know that there could be a handful of fonts that do nothing to enhance the design. To ensure better designs and fonts, then Google Web Fonts can be considered to be one of the best tools for freelance designers. Google offers a number of great fonts that can be used by designers to improve the overall work progress. The best feature of this app is that the library of this app is available completely for free and it would take a few clicks to add the Google Web Fonts to your website to get the best fonts for your designs.



If you wish to update your profile as a freelance designer then you must be aware of some of the best tools for freelance designers that can help you in developing your profile on the online platform. When you have developed the right profile and stronger relationships with your clients with the use of these helpful tools, you can achieve the desired success as a freelance designer. These tools can be boon to your career and you can earn greater profits on the online platform.

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