5 Best Microsoft Technologies To Lookout For in 2021

Although these are all precarious predictions considering the environmental conditions now, here is a list of the five best Microsoft technologies to look forward to in 2021. Despite one lesson from 2020 that we all have learned, predicting anything right now is useless. Prediction is still so much fun. Check out the list below to learn about some of the leading technologies in 2021.

#1 MetaOS for all mobile users

The foundational layer and evolving strategy in Microsoft 365 cloud space has a slightly better internal presence than external. This initiative is called MetaOS or Taos at times. The MetaOS means one mobile platform that provides very consistent work and play services across all devices.

The OS in MetaOS is not the same as the Operating System of Windows, but it consists of several layers or tiers. For example, the Microsoft Graph and Office substrate are some of the layers. Moreover, an application model consists of all the work Microsoft is performing around Fluid Framework. This is an object embedding and fast co-authoring technology—for example, Visual Studio and Power Apps.

#2 Universal Search to revisit information only by a few clicks

The API Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Search are responsible for making proper sense of the work-life of users. This includes documents and entities that are involved in regular work. For example, the main focus of Bing is to offer an understanding of everything outside the organization with entity extraction and acronym, computer vision, machine reading comprehension, and other technologies and tools.

Unified Search goes very well with the knowledge management technologies of Microsoft and Project Cortex. There is one significant similarity between MetaOS and Unified Search. Both are very people-centric instead of being tied up with any particular device.

#3 The very incredible Edge

Microsoft was one of the very first cloud vendors to make use of hybrid. Although several experts listed servers and PCs as incredible Edge device examples, it is still not the right time for Microsoft to get in the game. It seems Microsoft will show its embrace better and more prominently in 2021.

#4 Cloud PC: Flat-Rate service of Desktop Virtualization

There are rumors that Microsoft will announce its Cloud PC desktop as a service offering in Spring 2021. It will be built over the existing WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) service. The only difference will be that the Cloud PC’s subscription rate will be flat, unlike the WVD, which is consumer-based.

#5 Windows 10X will complete another Chromebook milestone

Microsoft authorities have not made 10X accessible remotely to Windows Insider analyzers. 10X may be accessible on shiny new (not for existing) PCs and could start delivering on those gadgets beginning this spring. Windows 10X is relied upon to run on Intel-based PCs at dispatch. Yet, Microsoft has been trying 10X inside Arm gadgets, sources state. Perhaps, it will be accessible on new Arm-based devices eventually.