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4 Cars You Can Drive Without A License

Today, the cars that can be driven without a license are becoming more and more popular in the developed countries. The main advantage is that you don’t have to pass any exam to be able to drive this kind of vehicle. The only thing required is a certificate which you can get from an authorized driving school.

However, the advantages don’t stop here. The vehicles have a nice design (even if they aren’t the most elegant cars on the market), small size and they have a low impact on the environment. Also, the security level offered is greater than an ATV, scooters or bicycles, while the comfort is comparable to the one of a standard vehicle.

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Cars you can drive without a license

The minimum age to drive such a vehicle is 16 years old. This can be useful for teenagers as they can gain more driving experience. Also, if you already have a driving license, a car like this would help. If your driving license is suspended, you can drive a Bellier, Chatenet or Aixam without any problem.


Cars You Can Drive Without A License – Bellier Jade Classic

Bellier Jade Classic, the first car on our list, has a diesel engine, with a cubic capacity of 523 cm3, which develops 5,4 HP. The maximum speed it can achieve is 45 km/h and the tank capacity is 20 liters. Don’t worry about the consumption, which is only 3.2 per 100 kilometers. The car weighs only 390 kilograms, but its capacity is only for two people. If you’re interested in this model, you should know it’s available at 9,900 euros.


Cars You Can Drive Without A License – Bellier Jade Racing

Considering the kind of cars we present in this list, don’t expect some improvements worthy of a true racing car. In fact, the only improvements over the classic model are sports seats, seat belts, black wheels, Sparco wheel hub, sport sifter, sport pedals, dual chrome exhaust and sport stickers. The price starts from 11,700 euros.


Cars that can be driven without a license – Aixam Coupe

Aixam Coupe has an engine with a cubic capacity of 400 cm3 which develops 5,4 HP, so the maximum speed is 45 km/h. You will have a lower consumption at every 100 kilometers and the tank capacity is also smaller (16 liters, more precisely). In this beautiful car there can fit two people, and if you want to include air conditioning, you have to pay another 1,040 euros.

Aixam Crossline is not very different from the previous cars in terms of price. The S Coupe version will cost you 9800 euro, while the Premium Coupe versions and GTI Coupe will cost 11800 euros respectively, 11500 euros.


Cars that can be driven without a license – Chatenet CH26

The most popular brand in this market segment is Chatenet CH26. It has an engine with a cubic capacity of 523 cm3, which develops 5,4 HP, similar to Bellier Jade Classic. The maximum speed is 45 km/h and the consumption is 3 liters per 100 kilometers. The trunk has a capacity of 600 liters and the price of the car is 13.025 euros. If you want the sport version, it will cost 910 euros more.

  1. Then American should look at the right way that the vsp is making to the french and we should imatate them and become more versatile and more way then we can think of to go driving when our licenses suspended and or we’re too old to take the test. This will be a solve to the problems of car suspended and autism and price . I will be glad to see America take a change 2020 and or other years later to this year to change. We have more population than France but no way to an answer to our driving dilemmas. We need this. We need this to be done . Please God hear our prays .Cut us a break.

  2. Thanks for the info. I plan to buy a three-wheel car which has to be imported. Are there import fees or special taxes? I live in a tiny, mid-west town and will drive around two and a half square miles only. Do the- no -license- to- drive- these -cars apply to every state in the U.S.? I live in Michigan.

  3. dear sir
    I had adrivinglicence licence for forty years mydriving licence was revoked five years ago can I drive any of these cars with out a drivinglicence please getin touh and let me know
    thank you
    douglas mclellan

  4. dear sir
    I have been driving forfortyfiveyears I had astroke can I drive one of those cars in theuk with a driving licence if so could you please let me know
    thank you
    douglas mclellan

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