4 Advices For Blackberry To Attract Users

Research In Motion (RIM) company is popular with its Blackberry handset and service enterprise. Since 1999, when the device was released for the first time, their name was popular as the most wanted smartphone and that was the case for years. These devices are famous as the best secure smartphone. Even the president of USA has been using it.

Unfortunately, Blackberry has lost their shine. Many of their users have slowly switched to iPhone and Android. They even decided to discontinue the development of their Blackberry OS 10. Last year, they changed the plan by releasing their first handset with the modified Android OS, called Blackberry Priv. Unluckily, it didn’t succeed in the market even though Priv offers many interesting features like touchscreen, Blackberry qwerty keyboard, and Android OS.

They choose the Android OS because this OS is widely used and offers many various apps. If they persist with Blackberry OS, the situation will become worse. They could be abandoned by the market.

I believe Blackberry OS is not a bad one. The problem is there are only a few developers who make the applications for this platform.

This year, they released the DTEK50 version, which offers a touchscreen feature that is fully integrated with Android OS. Is it enough to only rely on Android OS on their handset? How to make Blackberry not only survive in the smartphone world but also be loved again by the market?



4 Advices For Blackberry

Don’t compete in hardware market

If Blackberry enters the Android market, they have to compete with the other strong branded smartphones. Basically, these smartphones also have a big amount of users in the whole world. It will not be easy for them, foremost they only have two Android handsets. Competing in hardware market will make them spend a lot of money for ads to convince people that their handset is the best. In fact, the last two Blackberry handsets are not good enough in term of the specification in order to compete with the other Android handsets. The market tends to choose the better ones.



Security and privacy propaganda

Security has become the main issue for many people in the world. They start to be aware of the malware danger on a mobile OS. Besides, privacy is very important. Blackberry already has a solution for these two issues for ages. They have the best encryption technology for security and solutions to keep users privacy. Furthermore, many important companies are still using the Blackberry enterprise system as the solution for their multi platforms management device. Based on these great features, RIM should able to convince the market that their device has a solution for their users’ security and privacy.



Create the Blackberry OS based on Android OS

Security and privacy can be the biggest selling point for Blackberry. They can offer it through Android OS that has been customized with Blackberry OS. It’s not the first time. There were many Android OS customizations before, such as Cyanogen, color OS, Mi OS, Oxygen OS, and more. So, Blackberry OS based on Android OS is not the impossible thing.

I think they can also cooperate with the other handset companies to plant the customized Blackberry OS on it, out of the box. But, the most important thing now is the adoption. The free Blackberry OS powered by Android is the only way to gain more users.



Make the Blackberry available on all platforms

Blackberry should change their focus to become a software and service company. Therefore, they have to make their software and services available for all platforms, starting from mobile OS, desktop, web, and so on. For instance, their BBM service is only available on mobile OS. If they want to gain the adoption of BBM services, they should make the desktop and web version as well. Moreover, they can also develop the other application and services. For example, Blackberry Hub app can become a popular application if it’s available on all platforms.



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