12 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 6S

Apple says that every phone they make is created with a single belief that the phone should not only be a collection of features but also a phone which is simple, beautiful, and magical to use. It should have both hardware and software that are designed to work with each other. Apple also gives compatible applications which they keep upgrading for years for free. Probably this is the reason that the slogan of iPhone 6S says, “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

Experienced users who have tried iPhone 6S, say that they have never felt anything like it. The single press, 3D touch lets you do much more than expected. Beautiful photo clicks that bring memories to life and that not all, you will discover many more wonderful features innovated at every level.

So, now that the excitement to explore the iPhone 6S is at peak, let’s not waste much time and discuss our 12 reasons to buy iPhone 6S.


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Reasons to buy iPhone 6S


3D Touch –  Multi-Touch technology

Apple iPhone, the inventor of world Multi-Touch technology, has changed the way we experience technology. It lets you do almost anything that was not possible before, with 3D Touch. Its advanced technology senses the depth of your touch pressing that not only lets you do things more quickly and simply but also gives you real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps from the all-new Taptic Engine.

Reasons To Buy iPhone 6S

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iPhone 6S Camera – 12 MP pictures, 4000 video’s, and more

iPhone cameras are the most popular amongst all phone cameras. It has 12 MP camera that captures bright and live photos. It has the capability to take 4000 videos, with the resolution of 1080p HD video making it up to 4 times better than others. iPhone 6S supports the most popular feature of phones available these days – Selfie. Now, you can click selfies creating a self-portrait with the new 5 MP FaceTime HD camera. This phone introduces the feature of Live Photos that help you to relive your most memorable moment. It captures the moments just before and after your picture and sets it in motion with just the press of a finger.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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Technology A9 – Smartest and the most advanced chip ever

iPhone 6s has been built with a 64-bit A9 chip which makes this phone as good as a desktop computer taking the performance of CPU as fast as Up to 70 percent, and GPU performance up to 90 percent faster for all your favorite games and apps that are full of graphics.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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Design – Like never before

When you closely look at your new iPhone 6S, your eyes will not miss the Innovation that is fundamentally improved. It’s made of a new alloy of 7000 Series aluminum — similar to the one used in aerospace industry, with the strongest cover glass, and most durable glass used in any smartphone making it a unique phone.

Touch ID – The most advanced security at your fingertips

Apple has introduced a faster and better, highly advanced fingerprint sensor like never before. The Touch ID makes the phone unlocking easy and secure. You can use Apple Pay at over a million stores and within participating apps for using this feature.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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Speedy LTE- Speedy Wi-Fi

Now the LTE in iPhone 6S is advanced with twice the speed than the previous generation. Unlike other smartphones, iPhone 6S supports more LTE bands, and when you connect to your Wi-Fi, it lets you do things with a speed up to twice.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6S

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IOS 9 – Most smart, intelligent and secure mobile operating system

Powerful new built-in applications, advanced features, and enhancements throughout the system make it smarter and more essential than ever. Integration with hardware makes this Apple device work beautifully.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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Better colors display

iPhone 6S display has many more colors than we have even thought of a smartphone to have. Its retina HD display comes with a full RGB color standard with a higher contrast, brightness and white balance. In addition, its color accuracy is so high that you can view the image display from any angle. So, your movies and photos stay true to color, even from wider angles.

iPhone 6S – Thickness and Weight

iPhone thickness is only 7.1mm. It helps the iPhone 6S to fit in your pocket easily. The new iPhone 6S weighs only 173 grams which will feel less minimal in your pocket or your hand.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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Quality of iPhone 6S –Better build

iPhone 6S is made of premium build material, it has a better build quality as it is made of a smooth aluminum body.


Slow motion video

iPhone 6S can capture better slow motion video at 240 fps which gives a better video clarity and amazing resolution to the movie.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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Better Battery life

iPhone 6S has better battery life with 2915 mAh battery. With a full charge, you can get almost 14 hours of screen time. So, you can use your phone un-interruptedly.

Reasons to buy iPhone 6s

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So, these twelve reasons make the iPhone 6S unique and better than any other recently launched smartphones giving you the edge to experience a quality phone with unlimited applications. It has been designed as a benchmark for market success in the mobile phone industry making Apple an undoubted leader in the list of Smartphone manufacturers.

Your iPhone 6S is not only a device, it’s a beautiful handset complementing your personality. Probably, that’s why Apple offers its old iPhone users to upgrade their iPhone to iPhone 6S through its unique upgrade program. So, the newly released iPhone 6S in September 2015 weighing 173gms and 7.1 mm thickness, iOS 9 technology, and 16/64/128 GB storage make it a unique smartphone worth buying. So, when are you buying your iPhone 6S???

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