11 Things You Should Not Share On Social Networks

It’s hard to imagine the world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Even though these networks are often criticized, they do have a lot of good sides, because we can stay in touch with our friends and family even if they live far away. We can share our feelings, thoughts and experiences. All this sounds great, but if you want to protect your privacy and reputation you need to be careful and you need to think twice before you hit “post” button. Here are the things you should not share on social networks.

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1.Relationship problems

If you and your partner have relationship problems, it doesn’t mean you should share the story on social networks. It’s between the two of you, and it should stay that way. After all, no one wants to know if you two were on a break or not.


2.Photos and videos of your kids

When it comes to kids and social networks, you should be extra careful. We already talked about the photos you should never share on Instagram, and we pointed out there are all kinds of people on the Internet. Even if you restricted the access to your social networking profiles, the photos you share can fall into the wrong hands. Share the precious moments you captured only with your close friends and family members. If you want to share the photo of the kids that are not yours, ask their parents for the permission first.


3.Personal information (address, phone number, financial information, etc.)

Giving away too much information about yourself, such as where you live, how much you earn, what’s your phone number, etc. can lead to some very serious consequences, such as burglary or identity theft.


4.Information about your kids

As mentioned, there are all kinds of people out there. Don’t share information about your kids and details about their life, such as the park where they play, the school they go to, and so on. Safety first!


5.Opinions about your job

You can write whatever you want on your social networking profiles, but it doesn’t mean you should. I hope you love your job, but in case you don’t I advise you not to share the details. Your boss may decide to give the chance to someone else (hint: someone who won’t share  personal opinion about the job on Facebook or Twitter).



If you don’t want to ruin your reputation in seconds, nudes and photos of your exposed body should stay PRIVATE.


7.Photos or videos showing you drinking or doing drugs

If you think you’ll impress someone with these kind of photos, newsflash – you won’t! If you want to keep your job, and avoid issues with law enforcement never ever post such images.


8.Personal conversations

No matter what the messages between you and the other person were about, personal conversations should stay personal. Even if someone sent you something inappropriate or was rude, you don’t have to act the same way. There is always a better solution. Suggestions: ignore, delete, unfriend, block…


9.Don’t embarrass your friends

How would you feel if someone else posts one of your unflattering photos? Right. Don’t share embarrassing photos of your friends, you can hurt their feelings.


10.Your whereabouts and social plans

Not everyone should know where you are at the moment, or where you are going tonight.


11.Do not share anything you’re not comfortable with

To share or not to share? The answer is pretty simple: if you are not comfortable with something, don’t share it.




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