How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network

samsung galaxy  not registered on network  error occurs  when you are attempting   to make a call or text. Your current Service Provider is not notify of your imei number then you get this error on the Pop Up Screen ” not registered on network”  don’t worry we have solved this problem and all Issue with  Andriod   not registered on network is gone.


Please Be aware that your phone is already unlock.Its not the case where you have to unlock your device to remove the  “Samsung Galaxy  Not Registered On Network” error.


This Solution applies to all Andirod/ Samsung Galaxy Phones :

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  • samsung galaxy s2 not registered on network error
  • samsung galaxy s3 not registered on network t mobile
  • samsung galaxy s 4g blaze not registered on network
  • samsung galaxy s4 not registered on network


The Reason Why You are experiencing Not Registered On Network error


This Error may be because of UN-updated firmware or software and also your phone may be ruining the Earlier Software Update .The Not Registered On Network error is a common andriod problem that occurs on t-mobile, vodafone,at&t,airtel,rogers,virgin and even after root.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy  Not Registered On Network


How To Fix Samsung Galaxy  Not Registered On Network

To Fix samsung galaxy  not registered on network Please follow these steps

Make Sure You are connected to a Wireless connection

>First Get Your Galaxy Up and Running. Charged and ready

>Place Your SIM Card In Phone

>Navigate to  Settings of your Phone

>Scroll Down To the Extreme bottom

>Select Software Update

>Wait For It to reboot and Completed Update


If this method did not work, please try this method -Insert SIM card to access network services fix not register on network

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Unroot Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599)-Fixed Not Registered On Network

If this method did not work, please try this method -Insert SIM card to access network services fix not register on network

NB:If you hit update from settings and it says “NO FIRMWARE FOUND”  You have to update via kies on your computer 

Completed, How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network


Thanks For Coming By. If this Don’t work for You please leave a comment i will address You  Promply


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    Thanks Worked for me

  • Rob

    I have been having this “Not Registered On Network” issue intermittently for about two weeks. It started out mostly when the battery was low or had allowed to run out, but now it seems to have no rime or reason to it. Went to ATT and they gave me a new SIM card, did not fix it. I tried to reset the phone and that did not fix it. I did this “software update” method but is says my software is up to date. Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket running 4.0.4.

    • chevypowell

      1 Access Point Name (APN) reconfiguration – Updating Samsung Galaxy S II to Skyrocket 4.0.4. User created or custom APN’s will be erased, and has to be reconfigured after the update

  • Sarah

    After I click software update it just says “no firmware” and doesn’t do anything….Samsung Galaxy S2

    • Adham El Ghazaly UA

      same thing with me :(

      • chevypowell

        You have to update via kies on your computer.ok

    • chevypowell

      You have to update via kies on your computer

  • deepansh parab

    hey i am having the same “network not registered problem” on my s3 on 4.3 firmware…& in am on airtel india carrier i tried all the solutions like flashing all kinds of zip files using cwrm but wit no outcome.. :(

    do u hav ne other solutions ….?

    waiting for ur reply….!!

    • chevypowell

      Have You tried Downgrading Your Firmware? OR Unroot Your Device

  • Andrew Vasquez

    Still didn’t work for me , could the problem be my sim card ?

    • Andrew Vasquez

      On the s4

      • chevypowell

        What Software Version are you running on?

        • Andrew Vasquez

          Is it 1.0v release 2 ?

        • Andrew Vasquez

          Is it MDF v1.0 release 2 ?

  • Jell Sy

    i just bought samsung i9505 (galaxy s4 active) 2 days ago, its working perfectly but now its having the problem “not registered on network” phone is showing android version 4.4.2 but i haven’t updated anything yet. does my phone originally have 4.4.2 as its original android version? im not sure if im going to follow the same instructions here like updating the software.

    • chevypowell

      Jelly You should upgrade.Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.3 (Jelly Bean)

  • Parul Sharma

    It worked for me easily
    Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Select Either Your own network OR Select Automatically

    It will perhaps start working for you… :) :)

  • Ray Demolition

    I have this problem on my Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) after rooting. I
    unrooted still had the message, I rooted again and got Xposed Installer
    plus another program which changed my Device Status back to Official but
    I still do not have network access, please help. Also, I am using Metro Service

  • Larry McCray

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 will this help ?

    • chevypowell

      Yes Larry

  • Ray Demolition

    I can’t find the download for stock rom for Galaxy Exhibit SGH-T559 Firmware 4.1.2. anywhere

  • PandaPop83

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 a little over a month ago. It worked fine until I ran out of minutes. When I refilled my monthly plan and tried to use my phone, I got a message saying “Not Registered On Network”. I spoke to someone from my provider and they told me service was current and that I should’t be receiving this message. They had me turn off and on my phone, and remove and replace my SIM card about 5 times and I get the same error message. Please help… Thank You.

    • chevypowell

      I own a Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 and i can tell you that the SIM card is a problem with the phone.Many times you will not get SIM 1 or 2 to work. The way how i work around this is by swapping the Sim in different port. Placing sim 1 into sim 2 port. Also, Please move outside or a place where you can receive Proper signal.Many times the Frequency interfered with each other.

  • jamie mclachlan

    i updated the software and now it says not connected to network when i attempted to call or text, i have tried to check for a fix on kies but it says i have the newest software update

    • chevypowell

      Which One of the Galaxy You using?


    Still says not registered on network

  • Syt

    I’m updating my Samsung S2 note as we speak, i have pressed update software it has switched it self off and hasnt re-started i dont know whether i should try to switch it on or wait till it will restart on its own????

  • fahad butt

    i’ve updated my samsung galaxy s3 to 4.3 jelly bean through ODIN yesterday and when i turn on my device it says tha “NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK”, hen i downgrade it again to 4.1.2 jellybean which was running before 4.4 and it says the same…
    what should i do?? i’m from pakistan

  • Mr2HitKo

    my GS4 is already updated, still wont register to t mobile.

    • chevypowell

      here –

  • chevypowell

    For those who got “No sim card access” please try this method -

  • Nat

    can u help me. I tried alot but im still stuck here with “not regisetered to ntwork” And sometimes it says “no simcard” I tried download BusyBox but it couldnt be installed and Modem (that I read somewhere) I also cant install them. How? I need your help asap :(

    my phone is samsung note 1.

    • chevypowell

      Nat, please try this method -

      • Nat

        I tried. but still cant. when i tried to select netwrok and it says “unable to connect” then when i tried
        your ^ link, when my phone turn on after reboot it says no simcard. been like this… any other solution?

        • chevypowell

          What phone u have?, i am sure this will work, make sure the timing is perfect —- Go to mobile network —- Press and hold the power and menu button at the same time…. Release the power button then keep pressing the home button.

          • Nat

            also cant… Galaxy Note 1 sir

  • nawaz uddin

    hi guys
    I have a problem in my note3 after changing the imi number its giving error
    “Not register on network” please help me