Viber Tips and Tricks

Currently being used by more than 500 million people all over the world, Viber is comparable with the Microsoft Skype app.  Voice chat and the text chat possibilities in Viber make it remarkable. Free communication apps are the talk of the town lately. Viber is the top of all such messaging platforms.

It is possible to make free calls and use some stickers to spice up the conversation instantly. That helps to mellow down the moods of the receiver regardless of the state of mind he or she is in at that point of time.

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List of Viber Tips and Tricks

Smart notifications

Just like any other messaging platform, iOS and Android Viber app is a versatile option today to use with total reliance. Viber tricks are quite a lot. The number of users of Viber is increasing daily.

Most of the users are not aware of the brilliant features that Viber has. In all these 6 years of its existence, the features are only being used extensively while the new add-on features keep coming in naturally in regular intervals. Some of the tips and tactics to use the Viber android and Viber iOS are really awesome to note down as it is mentioned below.

Do not forget to enable the short notifications in your gadget. For all the messages that you are getting to your end, there comes in a short notification. You may get annoyed about that but yet don’t forget that there is a simple solution to fix the issue here. Smart notifications may combine with multiple messages. Senders may vary and there could be multiple senders. To fix it, do the following steps.

  • Smart notifications of the chat rooms which you are interested receive messages must be switched on.
  • You got to swipe towards the left-hand side.
  • Keep the smart notification enabled.

Next, comes in the switching options to switch between the conversations at a time. There is no need to come back to the original page every time when you are to choose the other conversation. You just swipe towards the right in the same chat room. That exposes all the chat rooms that are opened up already. Choose the particular chat room where you are interested in type. It is so simple but not used by the majority of the Viber users for they are not aware of that feature at all. Use the Viber feature tips effectively for going unnoticed despite your online presence now.

Invisible status

The essential tips for Viber will include something like the scene status too. When you are not interested in showing up that you are online, then the invisible mode is used. To keep others blind, just like many other messaging platforms, Viber has its own to come in handy to meet your needs precisely as well. All you got to be doing is to follow the simple steps mentioned below to get into masked status.

  • Choose the navicon button in the main menu, and enter into the settings.
  • There is the privacy option for you. Change the set up there to seen status.

If you are willing to hide on then the options are as below.

  • Same as above, go to the navicon button by tapping on it.
  • Go to the settings page.
  • In the same privacy section, you got to choose the online sharing button disabled.

Viber tricks

Turing off the notifications

Most of us are busy in our day to day routines both personally and professionally for many hours. That does not mean that we ought to switch off the phone completely. That can be a disaster altogether as there can be some vital messages that may be lost. It could be a business order or a client’s call that we might miss during that particular juncture. So, without losing any message to make sure that we are not distracted by short notifications during the major hours spent with important people, there are simple solutions to follow. These tips for Viber are quite noteworthy.

  • Tap on the navicon again. Move to the settings arena.
  • Visit the notifications set up. Turn off all the buttons that are related to getting the smart notifications.
  • Device settings are another option to choose the app and turn off the notifications in Viber.

Viber tricks

Photo doodles

All the pictures that we ought to send to the friends and the relatives are not really funny all the while. There could be something as a personal touch that can actually make sure that the receiver likes it very much. It can be a same old Leonardo Vinci picture that one might have seen so many times in real life both online and offline. Yet, when you are to use the doodles option to scribble something impersonal on top of the photo that you are interested in sending it to your lovable ones, then that can be something really special. It is not just that alone, but there are so many subtle messages that you can convey to the audience using the doodles opting that can maximize the attraction of the photos that you are to send to your friends from time to time.

  • Tap on the photo that you are willing to send and choose the navicon.
  • Then choose doodle on that photo.
  • There are tools to use here. It can be the colors that you like to spray on the photos or the eraser that you can use to rub certain portions of the photo. It can be something like the brushes that you ought to use to color the photo further in certain areas and work wonders to add on to the attracting ultimately. Use all the tools and personalize the photos that you are willing to send. Now you got something special with your own personal touch, regardless of whosoever is the owner of the photos.
  • When you are done just tap and send the photo.

The Viber tips and tricks are quite a lot. For those who have used to it already, it is no news at all. Yet, as there are so many messaging platforms online today, it is quite rare to see the users knowing about all these Viber tips and tricks already. The above mentioned few are quite interesting and useful features of the most advanced type. Use it to your best benefits.

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