How To Turn Off Age Restriction On YouTube

YouTube is a popular video hosting service with over a billion of users. On YouTube, you can share your thoughts, knowledge, experience, show your talents, etc. This website also gives you the opportunities to promote your brand through the video content. If you are not signed to your Google account, YouTube can make invisible the potentially inappropriate videos with the option “Safety mode”. You will the message “This video is unavailable with Restricted Mode enabled”. Then you must sign in and confirm your date of birth in Google + profile, and then turn off Restricted Mode on YouTube. We are going to show you how to turn off age restriction on YouTube.

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How To Turn Off Age Restriction On YouTube

Open your web browser and find the Google plus page.

Sign into your Google plus profile by entering the email and password.

When you enter Google Plus page, click on the menu icon (in the form of three lines) at the top-left corner of the screen and click on “Home” button.

Then you will see “Profile” section on the left side of the screen and click on it.

On the right side of the profile page, find the option “About” and click on it to view the details about your profile. You will see “Gender, birthday, and more” section where you can enter your date of birth by clicking on pen icon. In the small window that opens, press on “I” icon and then on “Go to my account”. Click on the pen, enter the new birthday date and click on “Update”.

If you want to turn off the safety mode, open a web browser and to go to YouTube web page. Open any YouTube video and scroll to the bottom of the page.

There you will see the option “Restricted Mode” which is “On”.

If you see the option “Unlock Restricted mode on this browser”, click on it and sign in to Google account in the next window.

After you go back on YouTube, you will see that Restricted mode if “Off”.





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