Top 20 Freelance Technology Writers

Maybe it’s not their day job, and maybe they don’t get paid at all. But these 50 individuals are virtual influences, informants, and impressionists when it comes to technology. Writing, commenting on, and interviewing with top technology moguls, these Tweeters know how to look for what’s coming down the pike in the tech world and spread the word.


While some of the interesting people we’ll write about are actual bloggers, technology writers, and podcast hosts, others just take to social media to announce new releases and comment on tech happenings. With or without an official title and a freelance paycheck, they have leveraged an adequate following of their tech speak.


Without further ado, here are our picks for some of the top 50 freelance technology writers on the web today.

Top 20 Freelance Technology Writers

1 Mark Gurman (@markgurman). Mark is a college student who reports on Apple products. He’s so insightful and knowledgeable about their products, both released and unreleased, that you’d think they’re paying him. Someone should be.

2 David Pogue (@Pogue) is a freelance writer for the New York Times, where he reviews tech gadgets and tells us what to buy and why.

3 Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman), you may recognize as a TV host and news anchor. But in his spare time, Jon demonstrates his love for technology by sharing new release information with his followers on Twitter.

4 Chris Dixon (CDIXON Blog and @cdixon) is in the technology industry and uses social media to share interesting information with a niche – yet a large – group of followers.

5 M.G. Siegler (@ParisLemon) is a less-followed, but more introspective informant of the tech world who takes to a website and Twitter to answer interesting tech-related questions and share pertinent information.

6 Eric Jackson (@EricJackson) is an interesting fellow who uses his podcast, The Eric Jackson Podcast, to share tech news through hear-it-here-first interviews of some of the most interesting people molding our world of technology today.

7 Jack Dorsey (@Jack), co-founder of Twitter, and CEO of Square is probably the furthest thing from a freelance tech writer, with being a billionaire and all. However, he is extremely relevant in the tech space and continues to deliver pretty awesome news and tech-related tid-bits via Twitter.

8 Brook Hammerling (@Brooke) kind of owns the tech side of Twitter. Not literally, of course, but through her feed, you may learn more about technology than through any other tech news source.

9 Steven Levy (@StevenLevy) is another non-freelancer, but someone who takes to Twitter to share some of the most sought-after early access reveals because of his entertaining writing style and trust from major tech brands.

10 Ed Bott (@EdBott) is a tech journalist who supports, defends, and writers about Microsoft.

11 Jenna Wortham (@JennyDeluxe) is different than most of the tech head you follow. She’s usually one step ahead of the game and she has a fresh approach to new releases, as an on-staff writer for the New York Times Magazine.

12 Peter Kafka (@PKafka) is a tech writer who will give you a well-rounded scoop of what’s new in technology so your feed isn’t full of Apple, Tesla, Apple.

13 Mat Honan (@Mat) is an awesome writer with a great sense of humor and knowledge of technology. He was a Senior Writer at Wired until he moved to BuzzFeed to create viral content for all.

14 Nitasha Tiku (@NitashaTiku) breaks the news. She’s known as a writer for BuzzFeed and shared riveting technology tid-bits that may very well be a heard-it-here-first.

15 Jessica Lessin (@JessicaLessin) is the founder and editor-in-chief of her own news source dedicated to tech. Her webzine, The Information, covers breaking news in technology, as well as commentary and the works. Coming from the WSJ, Jessica has an appealing and entertaining quality to her writing.

16 Rene Ritchie (@ReneRitchie) is and editor-in-chief who knows more about Apple than Apple does. If you’re on the edge of your seat for the newest prospective release info, he’s your guy.

17 Nilay Patel (@Reckless) actually writes his own tweets in combination with linking up to good articles and news releases. As the editor-in-chief at The Verge, he posts insightful comments about technology that you might actually care to read.

18 Arianna Huffington (@AriannaHuff) is considered the Queen of Media. Why? Because she is the President and editor-in-chief at Huffington Post MG where she reigns, tells us what to read, and breaks the Internet daily.

19 Vinicius Vacanti (@Vacanti) is an interesting follow because of his wise analyses of tech start-ups. Good writing and a lot to learn from this tweeter.

20 Dave Winer (@DaveWiner) has been around the block. He’s smart and friendly while offering a career’s worth of insight into many of the technologies we appreciate today.