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Best Free VPNs That Work At School featured image

Most schools today offer access to computers and the internet to their students. However, schools get a lot of websites blocked to ensure that their students focus solely on their studies and use computers only for educational purposes.

Best Free Tethering Apps on Android featured image

Tethering apps are extremely helpful if your phone doesn’t have tethering support features or you don’t want to buy a tethering plan from your carrier. Android tethering apps make your smartphone a portable modem, allowing other devices like tablets and laptops to connect to your hotspot.

Best Ringtone Apps for Android featured image

We all love personalizing our mobile phones and setting our favorite MP3 music as a ringtone is one of the most remarkable ways to do this. On the Google Play Store, we’ll find numerous ringtone applications but not all of them are effective.

Best Beauty Apps for Android featured image

Today, smartphones come with brilliant cameras with which you can take high-resolution photographs. However, if you want to add more colors and look effortlessly beautiful, you should use one of the best beauty apps that come with tons of beauty-enhancing features.

Best Free Android Apps For Remote Desktop featured image

Remote desktop services or RDS are programs that enable one to gain control of a remote computer or some other computer-based device. Back in the day, one could access a remote computer with the help of applications or software designed for computer systems.

11 Best Tower Defense Games On Android featured image

Tower defense games on Android have gained immense popularity over the years. Choosing the best games from the Tower Defense genre can be an overwhelming task.

Top Best Games For iPhone X featured image

The gigantic 5.8-inch super retina HD, OLED multi-touch HDR display with a 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution makes the iPhone X one of the best smartphones for game lovers.

Best Adventure Games for Android featured image

Nothing can beat the excitement of playing an adventure game, and the Play Store has a wide variety. If you like to play adventure games in your free time and are unsure about which one you would enjoy the most, then here is a list of the best adventure games for Android.

The Best Apps You Can Get  For The Samsung Galaxy S9 featured image

In the last few years, Samsung has become the leader in the Android phone market. Coming up with a stunning design, the best specifications, and a fascinating camera system, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has the ability to be the best phone of 2018.

10 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android featured image

If you wish for some of the most attractive wallpapers on your Android background, then here are a few top suggestions for the best free wallpaper apps for Android..