Stupid Teens Go To Apple Store To Bend An iPhone 6 Plus

The internet is filled with stupid criminals, whether you find them or not (our personal favorite are the guys who used permanent marker to draw masks on their faces for a robbery). The latest stupid criminals are two teens from UK.

stupid teens bend an iphone in an apple store

We are already flooded with countless videos proving that the iPhone 6 Plus really does bend. Some even go ahead and point out the exact weak spot of it, in case you were to bend yours. But the people who recorded those iPhone bend videos, were doing this with their purchased iPhone. So apparently, these teens from the UK mentioned that buying that expensive iPhone to bend, was stupid. And they just went to an Apple Store, and bent an iPhone 6 Plus themselves, and posted that video to YouTube.

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We won’t be embedding that video here, because we don’t want to encourage others to do the same, but you can easily find it by searching it on YouTube. The courageous thing that they’ve done is, not to hide their identities. And the worst part about all this is that, those boys knew exactly what they were doing. But one thing that we clearly know, is that this is illegal.

We are still in the blue about whether Apple will pursue them or not, and what will be the compensation, or they would just have to spend some quality time in jail. Although they did posted an apology video after that, and mentioned that they will pay for the iPhone if Apple contacts them directly.