Samsung Gear vs. Google Android Wear – Which is the Better Smartwatch

Technology is always creating new things and smart watches are some of the latest gadgets on the market. A smart watch can be a great match for your smartphone and it can come with multiple benefits for its users. However, it can be hard to make a choice.

If you have an Android phone, you should make a decision between Android Wear and Samsung Gear, two of the best smartwatch platforms for these phones. Let’s see what these two have to offer.

Fitness feature

Tracking your heart rate and movements can be really useful if you are planning to improve your lifestyle. Google Fit is available on Android Wear but certain devices do not even have heart rate sensors, and Google Fit does not work that well when it comes to tracking workouts.

Meanwhile, Samsung Gear is great for fitness. Not only that you can use it to track your heart rate and the number of steps, but Gear can actually recognise when you are exercising, and, in most cases, it is able to tell you exactly what kind of exercise it is.


You can get all your notification on your smartphone, but you should know that these two devices operate differently. With Android Wear you can see all the notification you need and swipe up and down to check them all. Nevertheless, notifications are displayed individually instead of being bundled, which can become really inconvenient if you receive many notifications.


Meanwhile, Samsung Gear keeps all your notifications bundles and they are places in the left size. Samsung’s rotating bezel can be used to flip through the notification and you can expand each notification bundle if you feel like it. The watch also has a playback widget that you can use for media.

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