Old Cell Phones Vs. Smartphones

Old Cell Phones Vs. Smartphones

Buying a new cell phone is not as simple as it used to be. Back in the days of old cell phones (Nokia, Motorola, Sony…) before the smart ones hit the markets, the phones were used for calls and texting. Today? Oh well, it is a pretty long list of things you can do with your smartphone, because there is an app for everything, plus the phones have tons of features. It’s all great, it really is, but let’s not forget the advantages of the good old brick phones.

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I dropped my phone

You dropped your smartphone. The story often goes like this:

The phone hit the ground.

You pick it up and see this.

The screen, and your heart – BROKEN!


You dropped the old cell phone. The story is shorter and goes like this:

You dropped the phone, and picked it up. The end.

The old phones were practically unbreakable, especially Nokia 3310.


Battery life

Once upon a time, we had cell phones we could carry around for days, talk, send texts and the battery wouldn’t drain. Imagine that! Sure, we had to charge our phones every once in a while, but not three times a day.

Times have changed. The biggest smartphone issue? Battery life, of course. You have to charge it every few hours. Battery is low and you have nowhere to charge it? Annoying!



If your smartphone isn’t working properly, it’s better to take it to the repair shop than to experiment, especially if a certain part should be replaced. When it comes to the ancient phones, we were able to do fix many things ourselves.



Let’s face it. Smartphones have a huge impact on our sleep, along with the computers. You’re in bed, ready to jump to the land of dreams and get some well-deserved rest, but then you hear a notification sound. You’ll grab your phone, replying to a text, tweet, or who knows what. Oh, and now you are completely awake.



There are so many games in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can race, dress up your Sims and decorate their house, defend your territory from the enemies, and so on. But there is nothing as exciting as Snake.


You forgot your phone

Hey, that was not such a big deal before. Ok, you left the phone in your house, but you’ll have so much fun with your friends, so, who cares? But today, if we go somewhere without our phones… It can be awkward.



Calls, texts, a few games, stopwatch, calculator, what else do you really need? Smartphones are packed with millions of features, and all those features are actually distractions. Instead to talk to each other, we stare at our phones.



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