Microsoft Windows 10 Taskbar Widget: Here’s What To Expect

Microsoft has introduced an updated taskbar widget for Windows 10 after many years. The new widget provides weather information and news. The feature is expected to aid in achieving the vision of Microsoft to make the lives of its users easier and more convenient. In a situation of a worldwide pandemic, Microsoft takes a step forward for its users to provide them a comfortable platform for exploring news and interests. The widget is completely customizable to suit the demands of the users about the news information, sports sections, weather, and major headlines.

The company had been testing these taskbar features since the month of January. It is commendable to see that Microsoft has rolled out the taskbar widget ahead of its scheduled updates of Windows 10. The feature was planned to be incorporated into the 21H1 and 22H2 updates of Windows 10. Currently, the company is working on the final touches for the 21H1 update which can be expected to be rolling out by the following month. But the new feature of the taskbar widget can be availed by the users of Windows 10 having any version above 1909.

How Does Microsoft News Feed Work?

It is known that Microsoft is using its wide news network of more than 4500 sources to carefully curate your news feed. Also, the company will use artificial intelligence to show you only the news relevant to your interests based upon the likes and dismissals on the different stories appearing in your news feed. This will help the algorithms to filter the stories as per your interests.

The users can personalize the widgets and news feed according to their interests like movies, games, books, science, celebrities, stokes, traffic, etc. But you can always disable any category which is out of your area of interest. The headlines help you to stay updated about the world of your interests without having to spend much time from your busy schedules. This way, your personal computer will solve the purposes of newspapers and separate weather forecasts to know about the conditions in your surroundings. Also, the sun icon on the pop-up newsfeed shows real-time temperature and weather conditions by changing according to the actual weather conditions.

The new taskbar widget will be accessible from today for those who wished for a cumulative update preview of Windows 10 in April 2021. However, a wider audience will receive the feature in the security updates by Windows 10 coming up in the month of May 2021. If you do not wish to use this feature, it is completely easy to disable the widgets and be back to your regular way of using the computer. Once you disable the feature, you will have an ideal update of Windows 10.

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