How To Make Android Faster

If you are using an Android Smartphone, you are no doubt using one of the most popular and advanced operating systems that has numerous exciting features built in it. While you can make your Android device the most beloved gadget to accomplish all your task easily but at the same time, it is to be ensured that the performance it offers is satisfying. It is absolute that with time and usage your phone will be filled with tons of apps, widgets etc. which ultimately have an adverse effect on the phone speed. So, if you are looking for ways on how to make Android faster, know here some of the easy tricks to follow.

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Ways To Make Android Faster

Keep the phone up to date

Keeping your device updated with the latest software as the update is the most important and powerful tip to enjoy a lag free performance always. Whenever any latest software is released ensure to get it in your device as latest software always comes with bug fixes and various improvements which all together work to make your device faster.  You can very often check if any update is available for your device by going to Settings > About device > Software update.


Uninstall the unused apps

Another great way to make Android run faster is to uninstall all those apps that you have installed once but not using now and there is no such intention to use them in the future as well. So, why to block some space in the device unnecessarily? Even though you are not using the apps currently, they have cached files and they also run in the background which is affecting the performance of the device to some extent. So, it is always better to get rid of them completely by uninstalling them from the device.


Remove bloatware

Bloatware is another thing to slow down the performance of your device. Some companies like Micromax, Samsung etc. install numerous third party app commonly called bloatware in their Android device which is of no use actually. So, it’s always better to get rid of them to improve the device speed. So, what you are required to do is uninstall them from your device after rooting the phone.


Ensure the home screen is clean

Another thing that affects the performance and reliability of the Android device is a highly cluttered home screen. If the home screen of the Android device is filled with so many widgets, icons and other things it is definite that the performance of your device will be lagging. Also, if you use live wallpaper, things will be even worse. Remember a less clutter home screen is the key to great performance and this is why all Android users are recommended to make the home screen as clean as possible by removing all the unwanted icons and widgets. With this, replace the live wallpaper with a static image one for a better result.


Go for wiping cache partition

While cache or temporary files for every app is generated to store the temporary data so that switching from one app to another become easier but too much of cache data finally slow down the device. So, very often it is advised to go for wiping the cache partition to ensure your Android device performance is not at all affected by it. To wipe the cache partitions bring the device in recovery mode and then wipe cache partition.


Reduce the auto-sync

While syncing of various accounts is done in order to stay updated but too much of synchronization can harshly affect the device performance. So, another step to pursue is to turn off or else reduce the auto-sync feature so as to make android faster. It is very common for the new users to add so many accounts on their Android device without knowing its negative effect. What happens is the data gets automatically synced in the background leaving a deep impact on the performance. So, sync only those needed accounts and enjoy the lag free performance from your phone.


Get an antivirus

If you aim to enjoy a very smooth performance from your Android device, installing a strong and powerful antivirus is a must. While antivirus protects your device from the malware and viruses, it also works to enhance the performance by offering the utmost security. Of course Android device has some inbuilt defense feature to protect the device but still, it is highly recommended to get a powerful antivirus which will ensure the greatest performance when it comes to speed of the device. There are many antiviruses available in the market for Android, so you can easily get one for your device.


Overclock your device

Another powerful step to make your Android run faster. Overclocking the device will bring a huge change in the device performance and it is highly noticeable to all. By default, the manufacturer keeps this feature disabled as it produces a great amount of heat when the device runs at peek.  However, performance can be improved by installing a custom ROM or else by rooting the device as well but it cannot offer the kind of performance when the device is overclocked. Anyways, overclocking a device will require you to root the device first.


Factory reset

The last advice is to perform a factory reset on your Android device once in every 3 or 4 months which will give a fresh start to the device. Factory reset will clear the system cache, cache partition and other junk files which all are simply deposited on the device and does nothing but affects its performance. But ensure you have a back up of the device before going ahead with the factory reset process.


So, 10 most effective steps to help you make Android faster are explained here. Maintain all these steps carefully while you can also do some other stuff along with these such as turning off the animation, clearing system cache, removing the old files etc. Always try to keep your device as clean as possible by removing the unnecessary apps, files, widgets etc. and it will automatically offer a noticeable boost in the performance.

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