iPhone Overheating Issues

Overheating is sometimes misunderstood. It is a problem when it happens without reason. But we tend to blame our phones for getting heated when we are performing battery and CPU intensive tasks for a long period of time too. If your phone is heating up because you are using it to play heavy games or watch videos for a long time, then it is but normal of your phone to do so.

An iPhone is designed to work properly in areas where the temperature ranges between 0 degree and 35 degrees. When your iPhone is an area where the temperature goes up or below the preferred range in which the phone can operate, then you are likely to see a warning or you may experience certain problems like overheating.

When the phone overheats you will notice a warning message on the screen that says that the phone needs to cool down so that you can resume using the phone.


Why is your iPhone heating up?

There are quite a few things that can cause the problem of overheating in your phone.

  • Playing CPU and battery intensive games for long periods of time
  • Watching videos or shooting videos on the iPhone for a very long time
  • A misbehaving app that is making the CPU work harder than it should
  • High temperatures in the area that you are in


What can happen when my iPhone gets overheated?

Phones can respond in different ways when they get overheated. Some iPhones may display a warning message while others may simply shut down. One thing that remains constant is that the phone will be hot to touch. The iPhone usually restricts certain features in order to help the phone cool down so that you can use it as usual once again.

  • Your device may not charge
  • The display will go dim or it may turn black
  • The cellular radios will not function to their full strength, weakening the signals
  • You will not be able to use the camera flash

These things limit your usage of the phone so that the phone can return to a normal temperature.


Tips to avoid overheating

  • Remove your iPhone’s case if you notice the temperature of your phone rising very often since you have started using the case.
  • If you leave it in the dashboard where direct sunlight can raise the temperatures to abnormal levels, then your phone may end up getting damaged.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight for long period of time can end up overheating your iPhone. If you are someplace where the outside temperatures is too hot and too sunny then keep your phone in a bag.
  • The Bluetooth function of your phone requires a lot of battery and CPU and can cause your phone to heat up. Avoid using Bluetooth or switch it off when it is not in use. Swipe up from the home screen to open the control center then tap on the Bluetooth icon to switch it off.
  • Location services is also known to be an additional source of heat. If you do not require it, then switch it off. Go to Settings and then head into Privacy and then switch off location services.
  • Do you need turn-by-turn directions from the Map directions? If not, then avoid using Map directions because it is known to increase the phone’s temperature.
  • Use Airplane mode if you feel that your phone is getting heated up.
  • Switch off your phone if it is getting very hot. Avoid using your phone till it cools down.
  • Don’t charge your phone while it is hot. Charging can cause further damage because it heats up the phone even more.


How to solve overheating problems:

If your phone is very hot then switch it off and let it stay under the fan till it cools down. Once it is cooled down then you must try these solutions:


Update your phone’s software

A bug in the software can cause problems like overheating where it makes the CPU work more than required. To update your phone’s software:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Go to Updates

If an update is available then install the update and use your phone as usual. If the overheating problem returns then try the next solution.


Update all apps

If it is not the iOS then there is a chance that an app may have a bug or a corrupt file which is causing the problem. Update all the apps on your phone to get rid of known bugs and errors that may be a reason of the overheating problem.

  • Tap on the Store
  • Go to Updates
  • If more than one app needs to be updated then tap on Update All

Check if the problem is fixed after updating all the apps.


Uninstall apps that may be misbehaving

If you started experiencing the problem after downloading an app and updating the app did not solve the problem, then consider uninstalling the app to check if the problem was caused by that particular app.


Hard reset your phone

If you are facing the problem after updating the software and uninstalling rogue apps, then try a hard reset because sometimes a hard reset is a great way of fixing small problems in the phone. Once the phone is reset, try to check if it works as usual again.

If none of these things has helped in solving the problem, then visit the Apple Store to check if your phone’s battery is damaged which may be causing the problems.