iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c was the first Apple phone that embraced playful colors. It was released on September 20, 2013 along with the iPhone 5s. This phone used the previous year’s model and packaged it into a new body giving it a completely new look. The pricing dropped to mid-tier pricing which meant that the iPhone 5c was more available to the people who were looking for a budgeted iPhone.

Apple replaced the aluminum body with polycarbonate making it easy for them to manufacture the body of the phones. It also gave the phones a more rugged body since polycarbonate is difficult to damage than aluminum. While their premium products were limited to black, white and now gold colors, the lower-price point was differentiated by a pop of colors. The iPhone 5c just like the iPod Shuffle came in bright colors. You could pick from bright green, pink, white, yellow and blue.

On the inside, nothing changed much. Apple used iPhone 5’s A6 chipset and kept most of the specific exactly the same like the 8MP iSight camera, 1GB RAM, and the same GPU. It took away the higher, 64 GB storage option allowing users to choose between 16GB and 32GB. The battery went up to 1510 mAh which helped in improving the overall battery life of the phone especially with 3G talk and LTE browsing. The FaceTime camera saw an improvement by going up to 19 micron pixels and it also featured backside illumination.

The 5c was Apple’s idea of reaching out in the mid- tier pricing market. It did not put Apple anywhere close to low-priced products. All it did was explore a new horizon and increased Apple’s addressable market. The 5c wasn’t meant to be cheap, it was simply meant to be more available. The use of fun colors also got the attention of people who did not always enjoy the black and white models that Apple offered until now.