iPad Pro 2: When Will It See the Light of Day?

Whether you’re an avid Apple fan or simply want to keep up with the latest tech, you’re probably looking forward to the iPad Pro 2. This isn’t really surprising since the first-generation iPad Pro was released almost two years ago, which means that an updated version of the device is more than the past due.

Fortunately, there’s some good news for you: the iPad Pro 2 will reportedly be announced during the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which will take place on June 5 to 9.

Supporting Data

There are several things that support this rumor. As French website Consomac reveals, Apple has supposedly filed some documents with the Eurasian Economic Commission that show the model numbers for new products. Some of these numbers are reportedly for MacBooks (namely A1289, A1347, A1418, A1419 and A1481), while others are for iPads (model numbers A1670, A1671, A170, and A1709). According to 9to5Mac, it’s highly likely that A170 and A1709 are the model numbers associated with the iPad Pro 2.

It’s important to note, though, that the MacBook model numbers mentioned in the documents are already associated with existing products (although the iPad model numbers are not). It’s also not clear what iPad models A1670 and A1671 represent.

Another clue that the iPad Pro 2 might arrive in June: mobile device case manufacturer Urban Armor Gear is reportedly rolling out a case for the tablet this month. The case, called UAG Metropolis Folio Case, is rumored to fit the iPad Pro 2 and will be offered in three colors. It’s expected to be on the market in June, making people believe that the iPad Pro 2 will also be released this month — otherwise it would be really weird for Urban Armor Gear to sell a case for a device that doesn’t exist.

What to Expect

So will we really see the iPad Pro 2 in June? We’re hoping to, but we can’t really tell for sure. Apple has been characteristically silent about the latest addition to the iPad Pro line so, without any official confirmation from them, we need to take the reports mentioned above with a grain of salt.

In terms of design and features, a lot of tech experts agree that it’s highly possible that the iPad Pro 2 will have a 10.5-inch screen. This is surprising news for many Apple fans since the first-generation iPad Pro was available in 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch variants, and people are expecting the second-gen version to be offered in the same sizes. Still, Apple is a company that’s not afraid to veer from the ordinary, so a 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2 is highly plausible.

There are rumors that the iPad Pro 2’s 10.5-inch screen will be made to fit in a 9.7-inch body by making the bezels as thin as possible. If Apple can make this true, it will surely delight users who want to have a bigger screen in a smaller form factor.

Of course, if you own the current iPad Pro, you might not be that interested in getting the second-generation version of the device. In this case, why not look into jailbreaking your tablet? It’s a great way to expand its functionality and enjoy tools and features that are not available in the Apple App Store.

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