iOS 7

After Apple had launched the iOS 6 version in September 2012, the company underwent several changes in its software and updated to the iOS 7 version of the operating system. The iOS 7 was launched officially on 18th September 2013 by Apple Inc.

What’s in iOS 7?

In addition to the aesthetic redesign, the iOS 7 version also contains several tricks and specialized features that would help in the streamlining of the overall user configuration. Multitasking has been widely overhauled for the update of iOS 7. This offers a new card appearance to the apps for ease of access and use. The users can now easily quit an app by swiping out of the preview screen. With the iOS 7, Apple has also introduced a universal settings window that is known as the Control Center. With this feature, the users can swipe up from the bottom of the screen for gaining quick access to various preferences like the music buttons and brightness controls in addition to the Airplane Mode and Do not Disturb icon.

There is also revamped Notification Center with iOS 7 that offers daily new overviews for letting the user know about the arrival of a new email, missed calls, several pending tasks and other information. The Notification Center can be accessed from any screen with the iOS 7 including the Lock Screen, with a downward swipe and also allows for the syncing between the various devices. In the iOS 7, the users could also observe the support for AirDrop which is a simple file sharing feature and allows the users to send images, videos, contacts along with other content with the other iOS users with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The AirDrop capabilities are limited to the iPhone 5 and above version of the iPhones along with the iPad mini, the 4th generation iPad, and the 5th generation iPod touch.

Several services by Apple have also been integrated with the iOS 7 version of the operating system. One such service includes that of the iTunes Radio which is a music streaming service that can adapt well to the listening tendencies of the user. In addition to this, there is also the redesign of the App Store of Apple that includes a new feature named as “Apps Near Me”. This feature shows the collection of popular apps that would be relevant to the location of the user and also allows for automatic updating in addition to the new kids’ category.

Several other apps with iOS had also received various new updates and redesign with the help of iOS 7. The voice assistant Siri has also received a new look that tends to fade into the top of the current screen. Moreover, with iOS 7 Siri is also able to connect with several services like the Wikipedia and Bing. The service also has received multiple new voices and is able to control various settings like music and Wi-Fi by the voice of the user. The web browser Safari has also received the unified smart search field with the address bar along with the new 3D tab view, new iCloud Keychain feature with a built-in password generator and the expanded Reading List functionality. Even the features like Camera and Photos have been updated with the iOS 7 version.

In addition to various updates, Apple has also released new features like Burst Mode, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, automatic image stabilization in camera, and Slo-Mo 120 fps video features with the launch of the iOS 7 version of operating system.

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