How to use Twitch Prime subscriptions

In recent times, subscriptions have been used by different platforms such as YouTube and Twitch for revenue generation. Before Twitch prime is talked about, there is a need to look at the people behind it.

As you may know, Twitch is a platform that offers video live streaming and chats for gamers all over the world. It is operated by Twitch Interactive. In 2014, Amazon (one of the Big Tech companies) bought Twitch at a staggering $970 million. Since then, Twitch has been under Amazon’s parenthood.

Now, Twitch Prime is a select service offered by Twitch. Since Amazon and Twitch are related, users who have Amazon Prime and Prime Videos subscriptions can enjoy Twitch Prime. This article is going to guide you on how to use the Twitch Prime subscription.

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What does Twitch Prime include?  

The Twitch Prime experience is better in the following ways:

  1. Apart from bonus games, it gives users exclusive in-game loot.
  2. You can subscribe to one channel freely every month. This comes without any cost.
  3. In the StreamChats, you get to use exclusive emotes.
  4. You are awarded a chat badge.
  5. You get unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.
  6. You get to support your favorite streamer.

Now, you are going to be guided on how to use a Prime subscription on Twitch. Before it is used, it needs to be step up first.

Going prime

You need to be having an Amazon and a Twitch account before you proceed. Since it is more likely that you have a Twitch account, open an Amazon account from here if you don’t. Once that is successful, follow through on this article. Also, have your credit or debit card information with you since it will be useful later.

This article will assume that you don’t have Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime membership. Also, it will assume that you don’t live in any of the 16 select countries that are supported by Amazon Prime.

Since you cannot go prime on the Twitch app, these steps to be followed are for PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

  1. On your web browser, click on the website.
  2. Enter your login details to access your account. A promoted live stream will start to play on the screen that opens.
  3. Click on the crown-like icon on the menu bar. It is next to the bell (notifications). On the ‘Twitch Prime’ box that pops up, click on the purple ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button.

Alternatively, click on your profile’s avatar at the top right corner. When the menu shows, click on ‘Settings’. When the ‘Settings’ page opens, click on the ‘Twitch Prime’ tab. Then, click on the orange ‘Try Twitch Prime’ button.

  1. Once you are open to the page, click the blue ‘Try Prime’ button. A box will hover the web page. Click on the blue ‘Continue’ button.
  2. You will be shown a ‘Prime Video’ screen. Here, you will be required to sign in to your Amazon account.
  3. Once account login and syncing are done, you will be shown the payment page. You realize that you are eligible for a 7-day free trial.
  4. Enter your credit or debit card information. Then, proceed and set the billing address too.
  5. Once this is successful, you can go back to Twitch and enjoy the service.

Newest Twitch primer (get it?)

To enjoy subscriptions, visit any Partnered or Affiliate channel and click the ‘Subscribe’ button. Then, choose the option marked with the Prime crown. You can add a message to tell the channel holder that you subscribe to.