How to upload videos to Twitch

When we are on the Internet, we engage in a lot of business and one of them is uploading. Across different platforms, users are allowed to upload images, text files, audios, and in this case, videos. This article is going to guide you on how to upload videos to Twitch.

Uploading videos is like introducing users to your world in motion. On Twitch, uploading a video connects you to people with the same passion as yours. As eSports continues to capture the hearts of many people, the number of Twitch users keeps growing every day. This makes Twitch a great place to sell your brand. As a platform, Twitch has created a community of people who want to enjoy live streams, chats, and great clips and videos.

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Videos, uploading, and Twitch

It is easy to upload a video from your local storage to your Twitch channel. Whenever your viewers visit your channel and see that you are offline, these videos will keep them engaged. Most people on Twitch are viewers rather than gamers, so why don’t you grab your share of the views by uploading a great video?

You can only upload a video which is either an MP4, and MOV, an AVI, or an FLV file. Also, it should be h264 codes with AAC audio. The video quality should be up to 1080p and the bitrate should be up to 10Mbps. The video’s maximum size should not be more than 20 GB. Also, you cannot upload more than 5 videos at a time and not more than 100 videos in a day.

Here’s how to do it

  1. On your browser, visit
  2. Then, enter your login details. If that is successful, Twitch should open up to a suggested live stream that will play instantly.
  3. On your Twitch’s home page, click on the icon at the top right corner which has your profile picture (if you uploaded it). This should display a menu.
  4. On the menu, click on the ‘Video Producer’ button which is right below the ‘Channel’ one. This will open you up to the ‘Video Producer’ page which is under ‘Creator’s Dashboard’.
  5. Now, you can choose between clicking to search for the video of interesting in your local storage or dragging it from its location on your phone and dropping it on the page.
  6. You will now see your video uploading. Make sure that your Internet connectivity is okay because an upload may fail if your connection is whack.
  7. During the upload, Twitch allows you to edit your video’s info. You can add or edit the video’s title, description, category, language, and tags.

After this, click the purple ‘Save Changes’ button to save the video’s details. After a successful download, you will see that Twitch allows you to set the time when the video will show on your channel, otherwise known as the premiere time.

  1. Next to the ‘Watch’ button, click on the purple down arrow next to ‘Schedule Premiere’. You can either set the time or pick the ‘Publish without Premier’ choice. ‘Publish without Premier’ will make the video available on your channel immediately.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Publish button’ below the screen. Now, when anyone visits your channel or profile and clicks on the ‘Videos’ tab, they will enjoy the videos that you have uploaded.

Simple as ABC

Uploading a video on Twitch is painless, effortless and has nothing to it. Use this option to make your channel engaging and make viewers want to come back for more.