How to play Google Stadia on PC

Recently, Google has created Google Stadia – a gaming platform. Creating it, Google made it available for almost anyone who has a computer to play high-quality games online. To play Google Stadia, you don’t have to have any specific computer, as long as you have a strong and stable internet connection. How to play Google Stadia on pc? It is very easy to get started. There are a couple of things you should know, and you will be ready to start.

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How to start?

Before you start playing Google Stadia, make sure that you have Google Chrome Browser on your PC. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free from the internet. Then, visit the Stadia’s official site to log in.

If you are about to sign up, you need to create a Google account and use it to sign up for Google Stadia. Once you have your account all set, you can play games from any place you are currently. So, play it on your laptop, PC, Xbox, or any other smart device. All you need is an internet connection and device. And how strong your device is, is not important at all.


If you are playing Google Stadia on your PC, you can use a keyboard and mouse. But, not every game on Stadia is suitable for playing with them. Instead, you can use controllers. Google Stadia has its own product-Stadia controller. This is a great, well-shaped, good-looking controller that fits well in the hand.

Bur, you can use some other controllers if you have, such as DualShock Play Station 4 controller, Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller, or Switch Pro controller. All of them can be connected via USB, and some support the Bluetooth connection as well. Also, all of these controllers are supported by Stadia, and it is great that you can use them to play so you don’t have to buy another one.

Play with keyboard and mouse

You can use a mouse and keyboard to play Google Stadia, but in some games, it doesn’t work well. It can be tricky to close the game because your browser will be fully screened when you are playing and not all games have the option to leave in their main menu.

But, holding the “Esc” keyboard for three seconds will allow you to leave the game. Also, the F11 keyboard will let you leave out of the full screen and keep running the game in the browser.

Some other features

Playing Google Stadia on the PC has some disadvantages if we compare it to the Chromecast and Android. Those are the inability to use the next options: notifications, emails, Google Assistant, display, data usage, and quality option. You will not be able to take the screenshots playing on the PC, although the Google Stadia controller allows you taking them while playing and getting to the Google Assistant as well. Another disadvantage is the inability to make the picture expanded for those who have the 21:9 monitor. This can impact the resolution, so it doesn’t look perfect.

Start playing

When you have created your Google account and signed up to a Google Stadia, you can set up your controller and start playing. Go to the Google Stadia official site and choose the game, and enjoy playing.

If your connection is not stable you may experience some crisp graphics details and slower game flow. Google Stadia allows you to get to the friends’ list and other social features by pressing the combination of Shift + Tab keyboards and pressing the “S” as a Stadia sign on the Stadia controller.