How to limit mobile data usage on YouTube app

We can use a variety of apps on our smartphones, and most of the apps require an internet connection. When we are not around Wi-Fi, we can rely on our mobile data plan. But, if we don’t have an unlimited plan, we should be extra careful with some apps to avoid additional costs. YouTube works great on smartphones and it comes with many great options. One of them allows you to limit mobile data usage when using the app, so if that’s something you want to enable, keep reading. Let’s see how to limit mobile data usage on YouTube app.

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How to limit mobile data usage on YouTube app

This handy option is turned on by default. When you enable it in the YouTube app, the app won’t stream HD videos when you are on mobile data, only when you are on Wi-Fi. Here is how you can turn it on:

  • Open YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Next, tap on your profile photo in the top-right corner
  • Now tap Settings

  • On the next screen, tap General located right at the top

  • Find the “Limit mobile data usage” option
  • To enable it, just tap on the switch right next to the option.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled the option to limit data usage when using the YouTube app. If you get an unlimited plan at some point, you can turn off the option by following the steps we have listed here.