How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Overheating Issues

There are many things that can cause your phone to heat up – playing games for a longer period of time, multitasking, or watching videos on YouTube. Sometimes, a misbehaving app can also cause this problem. Here, we are going to show you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 overheating issues.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Overheating Issues

Remove Phone Case

Once you find your Samsung Galaxy S10 is too hot to be touched, remove the phone case. Sometimes, the case keeps the heat of your device inside.

Close All Running Apps

After you are done using an app on your phone, it will keep running in the background and updating the contents. It will affect the RAM and can cause overheating issues. Hold the Recent apps key in the lower-left corner of your phone and tap CLOSE ALL.

Turn Off Unused Features And Services

Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi will also lead to overheating issues on your Galaxy S10. Similar to the apps running in the background, all of these features will keep scanning the content. Thus, turn off the features and services when you are not using them.

Soft Reset

Soft reset or rebooting your phone can give it a fresh start. This method will close all apps and free up the RAM. So, performing soft reset can be a potential solution to fix overheating issue on your Galaxy S10. Press and hold the Power button to shut down the phone. Wait until the temperature of your phone cools down, then turn it back on.

Boot In Safe Mode

The misbehaving app can also be responsible for Samsung Galaxy S10 overheating issues because it can overuse the processor. To find out if the issues occur because some apps misbehave, you can reboot your phone in Safe mode. Check if your Samsung Galaxy S10 still get overheating issues while in Safe mode. If the issues no longer appear, uninstall the suspicious apps, starting from the ones recently installed.

  1. Hold down the Power button until the Power Off message appears
  2. Tap and hold the “Power Off” icon until you see the “Safe mode” on the screen
  3. Tap the “Safe mode” and let the process to finish
  4. When the process is done, you will see the “Safe mode” on the bottom-left of your Galaxy S10.
  5. Observe the phone for several minutes

Check Info History


Most Samsung Galaxy S10 overheating issues are caused by app problems, such as app crash, malware, viruses, etc. You can check the App Issue History on your Galaxy S10. From Settings, find Device care and tap on it. Tap the three dots on the upper-right corner of the screen and choose App issue history on the drop-down list.

Update The Software

Some bugs can lead to overheating issue on your phone. Software updates come with new features and also bug fixes so whenever an update is available, download and install it. You can check the availability of Software update on your Galaxy S10 by opening the Settings. Scroll down until you find Software update and tap on it. Then, tap Download and install.

Factory Data Reset

Try to perform Factory data reset if you have tried all of the solutions above, but the issues still remain. Before you start the process, make sure to back up your data. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. From Settings, select General Management
  2. Tap Reset and Choose Factory data reset
  3. Scroll down until you find Reset and tap on it
  4. You may need to enter your password
  5. Tap Delete All.

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