How To Fix LG G3 Overheating Issues

There is no such as a thing as a perfect smartphone. Most of the devices available today are truly powerful and deliver a high-quality experience, plus, there are so many models to choose from. But, bugs and problems can occur on every device out there, including LG G3. In general, this smartphone is awesome. It is powerful and comes with a fancy design, but still, users reported a few problems with it, including LG G3 overheating issues.

Sometimes, usually when using your device to play games or watch videos the phone may get hot. Also, some people reported that the problem occurred after the Lollipop update. If you have this kind of problem, see the solutions listed below.

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Ways to fix LG G3 overheating issues


Update Android

You can check the software version installed on your device and see if the new version is available, because the reason for the LG G3 overheating issues you are experiencing can be just a bug and it can be fixed with a new software version. Follow a few simple steps:

  • Tap on App from the Home screen
  • Go to Settings > General tab and tap on About phone
  • Now tap on Software information
  • You will see the software installed on your device under Software version.

To see if the software update is available, go to Apps > Settings > General tab > About phone. Now click on System updates > Check now.


Lower the brightness level

Brightness has a huge impact on the processor of your device and its battery as well, so by lowering the level of brightness, you may reduce overheating.

  • Go to Apps > Settings and tap Display
  • Tap Brightness and adjust its level


See which apps and processes that use the most battery

There are some apps which are considered as power-hungry, and you need to keep an eye on these. Apps and processes may cause LG G3 overheating issues, and in order to see what’s going on in that field, go to Settings > Battery and tap on Battery Usage. You can also go to Settings > Apps and select Running tab. You can tap on certain app or process that seems to be causing the problem and stop it.


Processor frequency

If you want to get more power from your device you can overclock it. With overclocking you can increase the CPU frequency and as a result, the performance of your smartphone will be increased. However, it is advisable to overclock only 10 to 20 percent because overclocking has a huge impact on the battery and it also causes overheating issues. To avoid that, lower CPU frequency.


Factory Reset

If you tried all the above-mentioned solutions and you still experiencing LG G3 overheating issues, do a factory reset, but first back up your files. Go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset, then tap on Factory Data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.


There are several tips that can help you prevent overheating of LG G3. These are listed below:

  • Don’t leave your device in direct sunlight for too long
  • Choose a slim case for your device instead of a bulky one.
  • Try not to use your LG G3 when charging it


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